D.I.Y. Portrait Lights for DS4

D.I.Y. Portrait Lights for DS4

  • $19.95
    • $19.95
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    DAZ Studio
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    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio
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    Do you get tired of harsh shadows, and overexposed lighting? Do you want your portrait renders to look beautiful, no matter what their setting? Well this pack is for you.

    The trick is in the name! Do it yourself! D.I.Y. Lighting brings you 3 Uber Environment lights, 10 Rim Point Lights, 14 Custom Disc Emitter Lights , and 3 Specular Lights for you to mix and match at your leisure. You can combine any of the options to create unique and beautiful lighting for your DAZ Studio portrait renders.

    Go as far as your imagination can take you!

    Do you want to broaden your lighting know-how? A bonus 9 page tutorial on how to use all the lighting elements in DAZ Studio 4 have been included in this package.

    What's Included and Features

    • 03 Uber Environment Lights:
      • 25% Intensity
      • 50% Intensity
      • 100% Intensity
    • 14 Disc Light Emitters:
      • Left - Soft Shadows
      • Right - Soft Shadows
      • Above - Precise Deep Shadows
      • Above Left - Precise Deep Shadows
      • Above Right - Precise Deep Shadows
      • Left - Harsh Shadows
      • Right - Harsh Shadows
      • Left - Long Shadows
      • Right - Long Shadows
      • High
      • Left - Shadows Right
      • Right - Shadows Left
      • Very High
      • High - Long Shadow
    • 10 Point Rim Lights:
      • Blue Left
      • Blue Right
      • Deep Blue Left
      • Deep Blue Right
      • Deep Red Left
      • Deep Red Right
      • Green Left
      • Green Right
      • Red Left
      • Red Right
    • 03 Specular Lights:
      • Bottom
      • Middle High White
      • Middle White
    • 09 Page Tutorial on Portrait Lighting, which covers the basics of:
      • Uber Environment Lighting
      • Specular Lighting
      • Point Lighting
      • Uber Area Lighting (Disc)


    • The included tutorial has been created to help pass on the knowledge I have gained in the time I have been using DAZ Studio 4.
    • I do not claim that I am 100% correct in all I have explained here. Different people will have different methods of lighting their scenes and doing things. This is my personal way of working. It may work for some, and not for others.
    • This is a step by step explanation of how I do portrait lighting in my personal & promotional renders, and what I find works for me when rendering. I hope you find these hints/tips as helpful as I do.
    • Anna ~ForbiddenWhispers~

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