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The Art of Posing

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Do you hate making poses? Do you get frustrated when you've worked and worked on a pose but just can't get it to look 'right'? If so, this tutorial is for you!

Making good poses is all about learning how to pay attention to things most people don't consciously notice. This tutorial tells you how to train yourself to do that, and how to apply what you learn from observation to your pose making. Some of the topics covered are:

* Learning through people-watching, studying body language, and observing yourself;

* Studying the 'flow' of posture and movement;

* The importance of asymmetry in creating convincing poses;

* Using balance and imbalance in creating 'static' and 'action' poses;

* Posing hands to convey emotion, state of mind, etc.;

* Posing 3D human model with tools and weapons;

* and more.

Note: This is a tutorial on general posing. No program-specific instructions are included. The material in this tutorial is useful in any program that allows you to pose a 3D model.

This tutorial is in .PDF format, with bookmarks and table of contents.

Comments about this tutorial:

'Another great tutorial of Blondie's that I whole-heartedly recommend for both the novice and the experienced 3D artist. She does a superb job walking you through the often overlooked aspects of posing. Her examples were easy to follow, while illuminating the complexities of getting a pose to look just right.'


'Realistic figure posing is an essential skill for artists who want to move their art to the next level. Blondie's tutorial is a good base to start from - clear and easy to understand.'


'Blondie tackles yet another topic needed for great renders: Posing. Posing my characters has long been the bane of my existence, but her guide walks you through the basics of posing that is application-neutral so you are focused on the concepts, not the commands. After reading her guide, it helped me understand some of the issues with posing, as well as how to correct poses to more reflect the mood you wish to convey in your renders.'


Additional Information
  • This product includes:
    • 1 General Installer
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software No
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • The Art of Posing (.PDF)
    • 29 Pages, Lavishly Illustrated, in .PDF Format with Bookmarks
    • Shows You How to Train Yourself to Study People and Their Postures, Movement, Body Language, and Gestures, and Put What You Learn to Use in Creating Realistic, Convincing Poses
    • Discusses How to See What's Wrong with a Pose and How to Fix It
    • Tips on Posing Figures with Hand-Held Props
    • Tips on Creating Pose Sequences
    • And More!

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