Fog Tool Deluxe III

Fog Tool Deluxe III

  • $12.95
    • Fog Tool Deluxe III
    • $12.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
      • Fog Tool Deluxe III
      • Fog Tool Deluxe III
      • Fog Tool Deluxe III
      • Fog Tool Deluxe III
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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  • Details

    The Fog Tool Deluxe III is the best way to create atmospheric effects inside Poser and Studio!

    This powerful tool can be used to simulate a wide variety of atmospheric effects. It comes with poses and maps for many Fog Effects, Haze, Mist, Rain and Snow, even fire. The Fog Tool III even supports back lighting effects in Poser 5 and up.

    The Fog Deluxe III includes powerful animation tools. Your atmospheric effects don't need to be fixed. Breath life into your animations with living, moving atmospheric effects. A tutorial on creating animations with the Fog Tool is included as well as introductory and intermediate tutorials covering static effects.

    The Fog Tool is not a one click item. As with photographing real atmospheric effects it will take some practice to get the lighting and fog setup just right, but the three included tutorials will make it a breeze!

    What's Included and Features

    • Elements
      • Uniform UV Mapping across all fog elements
      • You control fog randomization with EMC controls.
      • Y and Z axis wave Morphs.
      • Y and Z axis noise Morphs.
      • Fog elements are divided into 2 sets with separate materials and controls.
      • X and Y axis Interleave controls for element sets.
      • Special wave deformer effects all elements of the fog bank. (Poser only)
      • Special magnet deformer effects all elements of the fog bank. (Poser Only)
      • Plume mode for flame, steam or smoke plumes.
      • Full control over individual elements, including translation.
      • Ability to hide half the elements to create thinner atmospheric effects.
      • Shadow on and off MAT-Poses
      • Extra Single plane prop to add density where you need it.
      • Custom fog banks can be saved with pose files --Controls are in special Control Element
      • Translucent shader based materials support back lighting effects. (Poser 5 and up only)
      • Poser 5 (MT5) material files.
      • Poser 4 MAT-pose files
      • Over 30 materials, including rain and snow maps.
      • Animation support.
      • Easy access to control element with a handle.
      • Poser 4 version is equipped with an EMC Shield to stop cross talk!
      • Easy to make custom textures. UV map is a simple square.
      • 40 layers of fog for a uniform fog bank.
      • Add volumetric light simulations to Poser 4 and Studio.
      • Simulate ground fog in Poser and Studio.
      • Create volumetric rain and snow simulations.
      • The best way to create fog, rain and snow in Poser and Studio!
    • List of Controls:
      • Fog Pitch
      • Fog Yaw
      • Plume Mode
      • Fog Depth
      • Fog Width
      • Fog Length
      • Fog Height
      • Interleave X
      • Interleave Y
      • Interleave Z
      • A Planes Y Trans
      • B Planes Y Trans
      • A Planes X Trans
      • B Planes X Trans
      • Randomize X
      • Randomize Y
      • Y Wave
      • Y Noise
      • Z Wave
      • Z Noise
    • Materials:
      • Cloud Bottom (4 Densities)
      • Cloud Top (4 Densities)
      • Cloud (4 Densities)
      • Creepy 'A' (1 Density)
      • Creepy 'B' (4 Density)
      • Flame (4 Densities - Poser 5 and up)
      • Haze (4 Densities)
      • Inversion (2 Densities)
      • Mist (1 Density)
      • Patchy Fog (4 Densities)
      • Rain (2 Densities)
      • Rising Wisps (1 Density)
      • Smooth Fog (4 Densities)
      • Snow (2 Densities)
      • Thin Wisps (1 Density)
    • Also Included
      • Wave Deformer for the Fog Tool (Poser only)
      • Magnet for the Fog Tool (Poser only)
      • Prop fog plane
      • The Deluxe Atmosphere Tutorials



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