Film Noir 3D Style - Back To Black & White

Film Noir 3D Style - Back To Black & White

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    • $78.95
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    Tired of your modern 3D renderings? Head back to the 1940's, when Film Noir dominated Hollywood. The Noir era is one filled with crime, corruption, femme fatales and a very specific style. Master the art of a genre that is still Òone of a kind,Ó and easily transforms renders like never before. This set includes three modules plus one bonus module.

    What's Included and Features

    • Conducted in DAZ Studio 4.5, by Professional 3D Artist, 3D Coach and Bestselling DAZ 3D vendor, Val Cameron a.k.a. Waldemar B. from Dreamlight.
    • A total of over 11 Hours of High Quality 1280 x 720 HD video in downloadable WMV + MP4 formats
    • Generic techniques can be applied to any 3D and 2D software (such as Photoshop or The Gimp)
      • MODULE 1: FILM NOIR DEMYSTIFIED (Approx 1 Hour)
        • This module explains what Film Noir is, what to look for when designing your 3D scenes, how to place the camera, how to do basic scene creation and character positions. More advanced scene creation is shown as the training unfolds in the 2nd, 3rd and bonus module, since it's affected by lighting and effects.
        • 01.01 - What Is Film Noir?
        • 01.02 - Where To Find The Right Content
        • 01.03 - Things To Include And Exclude When Designing Your 3D Scenes
        • 01.04 - How To Get The Right Make Up Applied To Your Femme Fatales
        • 01.05 - How To Add Instant Rain And Fog Effects
        • 01.06 - 3D Scene Concepts
      • MODULE 2: LIGHTING FILM NOIR (Over 3 Hours)
        • This module breaks down all Film Noir lighting concepts, which are then further explained in the upcoming modules, as all the pieces start co-working together. Note that module 2 does not dive too deep into complete images, mostly specific lighting concepts / techniques. All parts will come together in the last module. This is to ensure that the training is easy to grasp, before we start blending everything.
        • 02.01 - Lighting Concepts
        • 02.02 - Basic Lighting
        • 02.03 - Cool Backlighting On Walls
        • 02.04 - Advanced Lighting And Shadow Effects
        • 02.05 - Lighting An Office Scene
        • 02.06 - Night Time Office Lamp / Street Lamp Lighting And Neon Signs
        • 02.07 - Outdoor Day Time Lighting
      • MODULE 3: FILM NOIR POSTWORK AND FX (Over 2 Hours)
        • This module covers postwork effects done in Photoshop (or The Gimp) as well as additional fog, rain and smoke effects created inside your 3D software as well as inside Photoshop.
        • 03.01 - Intro To FX
        • 03.02 - Basic Film Noir Postwork
        • 03.03 - Photoshop FX: Fog, Smoke, Rain. Rain Drops And Light Beams
        • 03.04 - Semi 3D FX: Fog, Smoke, Rain. Rain Drops And Light Beams
        • Bonus - Posing Part 1
        • Bonus - Posing Part 2
        • Bonus - Lighting Part 1
        • Bonus - Lighting Part 2
        • Bonus - Effects Part 1
        • Bonus - Effects Part 2


    • This product includes:
      • 11 .MP4 Version .ZIP Files
      • 11 .WMV Version .ZIP Files

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