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DAZ Studio as an Artist's Tool: Reference for Lineart

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"DAZ Studio as an Artist's Tool: Illustrator's Reference for Lineart is a complete beginners guide to using DAZ Studio for the creation of 2D art, mainly focusing on teaching DAZ Studio basics to those unfamiliar with the program and showing 2D illustrators how DAZ figures can be used as a base reference for their drawings.

Most see DS as a way to create 3D illustrations or animations, but that is not its only purpose. Many creators in artistic fields are unaware that programs like DAZ Studio were originally created to be virtual photo studios for 2D artist to help with references for posing. lighting, etc. and act as a kind of in-home photo studio that could be used for artistic purposes.

As technology has advanced, DAZ Studio, and programs like it, have become more known for creating artistic renders and animations; however, they are still wonderful tools for other forms of artistic expression. This tutorial is meant to show one of the many ways in which DS can be used to help create 2D artworks as a reference for your figure drawings and not just 3D Illustrations.

The tutorial includes over 100 pages and over 200 images to show step-by-step how to use DAZ Studio and incorporate it into your workflow as a reference for your 2D artwork.

Chapters are as follows:

1. DAZ Studio Basics - Genesis Introduction and Camera Controls

*Tip - Custom Cameras

2. DAZ Studio Basics - Adding Elements (Textures, Clothing and Hair)

*Tip - Genesis Shapes

3. DAZ Studio Basics - Posing

4. DAZ Studio Basics - Advanced Posing

*Tip - Easy Expressions

5. DAZ Studio Basics - Lighting

6. Concept to Reference - Putting New Knowledge to Practical Use

7. Rendering A Good Base Image

8. Bringing You Reference Into Photoshop and Drawing

*Tip - Heart Background

This tutorial is mainly meant for digital illustrators who use Photoshop or similar programs for their drawings, but could easily be adapted for use with a light board for traditional artwork.

Additional Information
This Tutorial will also require Photoshop or an equivalent program
Compatible 3D Figures Genesis
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • What’s Included:
    • Tutorial in DOC format
    • Tutorial in PDF format
    • Two PSD files (one for each artwork setup)
  • What you’ll need:
    • DAZ Studio 4
    • Photoshop or equivalent program
    • Sorceress Tutorial can be completed without purchasing any additional content
    • Pinup Tutorial will require additional purchased content if you want to use it as written, but can be adapted to use free content
    • An open mind and artistic ambition!
  • Poser Version Coming Soon!

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