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StarBrigade - Total Package

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sku: 2436



Join the elite! The StarBrigade! Ready to do their duty and defend to the death, you'll fight alongside the best in the ultimate battlegear. Check out the gear: a helmet, a flight suit, boots, gloves, bracers, shoulder and collar guards and, if you've got what it takes to be in the unparalleled Draconian Guard, an epaulet that signals your status. An ammo belt with explosive cartridges and a morphable bladestaff, that shoots a variety of deadly pulse charges, round out your defenses to obliterate your foes. JOIN UP NOW!
This package includes figures for both Victoria 3 and Stephanie Petite 3

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 3, Stephanie 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • SciFiArmour (cr2 and obj)
    • The different shoulder pieces can be hidden or displayed to create over a dozen different shoulder combinations. MATs included.
    • The shoulder pieces are a separate bodypart for easy posing.
    • Matching FBM's included (see link below)
  • SciFiBelt (cr2 and obj)
    • FBM's included (see link below)
    • Ammo cartridges can easily be hidden.
  • SciFiSuit (cr2 and obj)
    • A completely new bodysuit with built in morphing side panels and matching JCM's.
    • Comes loaded with FBM's.
    • Suit includes the P5 fix which allows the JCM's to work properly in P5 (Note: load and conform the suit after loading the figure).
  • SciFiBoots (cr2 and obj)
    • Includes FBM's (see link below)
    • Contains multiple material zones to easily change the look of the boots.
  • SciFiHelmet (cr2 and obj)
    • Has Long, Tall and Wide morphs to help facilitate the wearing of some hair styles by the figure.
  • SciFiGloves (cr2 and obj)
    • Includes FBM's (see link below)
    • With the material zones several different styles can be made including fingerless and short (without the forearm). MATs included.
  • BladeStaff (pp2 and obj)
    • Loaded with morphs! Includes different staff and blade styles.
    • The head can be opened for firing.
    • Includes a planer mapped section for creating weapon blasts.
    • Two versions: parented to hand and un-parented
  • SciFiVisor (pp2 and obj)
    • Stylish monical courtesy of Luthbel
  • All figures support most of the figure's full body morphs were appropriate. Click here to see a complete list of morphs.
  • Imperial Guard MAT's in two colors (red and blue). Textures are designed to be easily changed by altering the diffuse color of the material.
  • Inj Morph Channels built in to make it easier to added new morphs to each figure

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