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Ultimate Firefly Collection

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Winged sparks, world-bound stars, lighting the fairy world with their love-light. These beautiful models by Ajax and noggin explore some of the exciting capabilities of Poser 5 & 6 materials and continue their animated swarm theme.

Additional Information

The python scripts must be installed to your main runtime to work correctly. If you choose to install the product to another runtime, you will need to move the following files to your main Poser 6 runtime:

  • \Runtime\Python\poserScripts\ScriptsMenu\InsectAnimation\FireflyAnimate.py
  • \Runtime\Python\poserScripts\ScriptsMenu\InsectAnimation\FireflyScatter.py
  • \Runtime\ui\Ajax\NogFireflyAnimate.xml
  • \Runtime\ui\Ajax\NogFireflyScatter.xml

DAZ Studio Users: The animated textures (blink) and python scripts are not supported in DAZ Studio.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • CR2s include Firefly, Low Rez Firefly and Firefly Swarm
  • Firefly textures and 6 additional 'fantasy firefly' textures
  • Sophisticated P5/P6 Material set-ups to include:
    • 7 species MATs with glow on/off and fast/slow blink animation options
    • 6 fantasy animated glow sets
    • 15 custom, mix and match glow options with animated versions
  • 10 poses for the single firefly figures
  • Wing cycle animated poses for the single firefly figures
  • Firefly swarm :12 Animated pose sets: 100, 200, 300 and 400 frame looping animations with gloriously realistic movement
  • 2 Python scripts for P6 (launched from the figures menu) are supplied to randomly scatter the fireflies in the firefly swarm and to set up randomised looping animations of their flight, with the option to select either normal speed or slow motion wing movement
Resource Files

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