3D Light Master: Conquer Lighting Now

3D Light Master: Conquer Lighting Now

  • $46.95
    • 3D Light Master
    • $46.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio 4.8
      • 3D Light Master
      • 3D Light Master
      • 3D Light Master
      • 3D Light Master
      • 3D Light Master
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio 4.8
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    Did you know that lighting is 90% of your 3D art? Imagine how it would feel and LOOK like, if you MASTERED those 90%. Some say lighting will either make or break your art...

    ...and NOW is a perfect time you let go of your tedious trial & error, random frustrating results and end up PROUD of your images.

    It's time you become... A 3D LIGHT MASTER and impress your friends or clients.

    With award-winning, professional 3D artist, 3D coach and bestselling DAZ 3D vendor, Val Cameron a.k.a. Waldemar Belwon from Dreamlight.

    What's Included and Features

    • Lighting Concepts Broken Down Into Small, Easy To Digest Chunks, That Will Immediately Make A Difference In Your Art, Regardless Of What Software You're Using
    • Hidden Secrets Of The 5 Most Important Light Types:
      • Distant Light
      • Point Light
      • Spot Light
      • Area Light
      • Self-Glowing Surfaces
    • A New Concept In 3D Lighting: The 7 Point Light Set Up, Enables You To Light Any Image, In Any Style And Mood--Quickly And Easily:
      • Key Light
      • Fill Light
      • Back Light
      • Ambient Light
      • Background Light
      • Bounce Light
      • Overall Light
    • Instant POWER Tools:
      • Radiosity For Outstanding Automation And Realistic Effects
      • Color Theory That Will Make You Look Like Pro NOW
      • How To Use "Less Is More" For Faster Results
    • Master Shadows And Use Them To Your Advantage
      • Bonuses:
        • Bonus 1: Create Your Art 10 Times Faster With Ninja Layering Tricks
        • Bonus 2: Discover Deep Psychological Reasons For Light Placement, While Experiencing An Image From Scratch To Final Tweaks
        • Bonus 3: Create Faked Volumetrics And Make Your Lights Look THICK Real FAST
        • Bonus 4: Magical Trick That Immediately Makes Your Lighting More Real
      • Special Bonuses: 12 Hours Of Additional Live Webinar Recordings--The Fast Track To Fast Results:
        • Live Webinar 1: Master HORROR
        • Live Webinar 2: Make Every Face-Type Look GREAT
        • Live Webinar 3: Amazing Pro-Techniques That Will Turn Every Pixel Up-Side-Down And Make Your Art Stand Out In The Crowd
        • Live Webinar 4: How To Light Sadness Or POWER
        • Live Webinar 5: Breathtaking "Studio-Lighting" Techniques That Will Shock Your Audience
      • 1280 x 720 High Quality HD WMV / MP4 / FLV format
      • Presented In DAZ Studio And Lightwave
      • Generic Examples That Work In Any 3D Application
      • 5 Hours Intense 3D Light Master Lessons
      • Master Outdoors As Well As Indoors Lighting
      • 30+ Years Of 2D, 3D & Film Experience, JAMMED Into This Powerful And Comprehensive, Step By Step Lighting Journey--Made Affordable And Easy To Follow--From The Comfort Of Your Own Home PC Or Laptop
      • You Simply Can't Fail... See What Others Say About 3D Light Master:
        • “Your class has improved both my understanding of 3D lighting, and my confidence in my ability to light my scenes and produce art I can be proud of. I have found your class to be well-designed, intelligent, and if you’ll excuse the expression, illuminating.”, Angela Knight – 3D artist, New York Times bestselling author
        • “Dreamlight’s lighting training is exactly how I would teach someone to do lighting. The expert advice is obviously derived from years of practical experience. Having someone to show you how to light and then explain why things work is the fastest way to truly learn the in’s and out’s of this essential skill.”, Michael Ambruso – Professional 3D Artist
      • Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to shave years off your training and start creating gorgeous 3D lighting, immediately...


    • This product includes:
      • 7 MP4 version .zip
      • 4 WMV version .zip
    • The two versions are identical videos, only the preferred version needs to be downloaded.
    • 2 Bonus Live Webinar .zips (.ARF format - .zip includes .ARF player downloaders)

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