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Faceshop 8 WIN

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sku: 15876



Create face morphs for DAZ Studio, Poser and other applications based on your favorite people! FaceShop 8 is both a Studio plugin and a powerful stand-alone application that lets you create a unique 3D head from any photo you have.

Recreate your favorite celebrities, family, or friends from a single photograph through patented technology which actually recreates the original camera angle for accuracy. FaceShop 8 is Studio 4.5 compliant and works with Genesis Figures (M5, V5, Basic Child, etc.). FaceShop 8EZ is a full-fledged face generator with many tools and features not found in other applications. EZ mode works with just a few dots on V5, M5, Basic Child, M4, V4, David, Stephanie and Genesis. Now with Beard/Scars/Tattoo!

8 reasons to buy Faceshop 8:

  • NEW - Beard/Scars/Tattoo
  • NEW - Auto-caricature feature
  • NEW - Works with DAZ Studio 4.5 as a plugin
  • NEW - Supports Genesis figures
  • Add/Take away age and weight
  • Use a single photo to create 3D heads
  • Supports Poser (6, 7, 8, 9 10 etc).
  • Exports OBJ to most 3D applications (Maya, 3D Studio, etc).

Work Directly on Your Shapes/Textures, Retouch Freely!

Also; • As a plug-in it works directly inside DAZ Studio 4.5 (32 and 64 bit) • As a standalone import/export to Poser, Maya, 3D Max and other 3D applications • New EASY 3-point interface • Improved Texture mapping • Improved “Mirror” feature • Up to 4098x4098 pixels output • “Profile” features profile matching • New “Watch-me” video at your fingertips • New Manual • Moveable dialogs, resizable window • Interactive “Tooltips”

Additional Information
  • This product is for Windows only
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio 4.6
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Import any .JPG image, create or use imported OBJ or included 3D templates
  • Choose between included templates (Victoria4, Michael4. Stephanie, Freak, David)or imported OBJ files of many other characters
  • Works with a single photograph intuitive on-screen prompter shows you the points to select automatically changes the position of the 3d template to coincide with your photo
  • Changes shape and proportion of your mesh to those found in your photograph
  • Applies high-resolution texture map to new shape
  • Unique “mirror” feature let’s you mirror one side of the face to the other (in case the other side is either obscured, in shadow or similar).
  • Export project as an obj with complete texture map included
  • PLUS: - Make corrections if needed draw a few lines, such as eye and mouth to establish the proportions of your model.
  • Intuitive on-screen prompter shows you what and where to draw. program let’s you choose different pen sizes to better follow features.
  • With its unique “mirror” feature you can mirror one side of the face to the other (in case the other side is either obscured, in shadow or similar).
  • System Requirements: WIN: (XP, Vista, W7), 1 Gb of RAM, 1 Gb of Hard disk, 1024x768 display or better.

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