The Old Waterhole

The Old Waterhole

  • $16.95
    • $16.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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    First Bastion's The Old Waterhole

    The Old Waterhole is a fully sculpted and textured 3D environment that could be set a hundred years ago, or a thousand. Perfect for modern camping, steam punk western or medieval fantasy renders.

    Fed by a trickle of water from an underground stream and banked up against sheer cliffs, the water collects in the low lying rocks and gravel of the area, and the vegetation around it flourishes. In the dry season, the waterhole dries up, leaving a barren riverbed in its wake, and the tall grasses wither and die.

    The main terrain is complimented with rocks and boulders, rock cliff face, four geometry based grass props, cattails, dirt path, and an old wooden dock (that can double as a bridge) from days gone by. The package also includes a realistic water plain that reflects and refracts on the gentle displaced ripples.

    Four designed rock outcroppings on each corner of the main terrain, provides additional variety as potential backdrops for other renders. The modular nature of the props, like the rock cliff face, the background hill and the dirt path, can be mixed and matched to create other scenes quickly. In the full scene, all props are parented to the main "waterhole" terrain prop, and the entire scene can be re-scaled if desired. Individual component props can be hidden or deleted as necessary to increase processing speed, or aid in camera placement. Each one of the PP2 props in the package can also be added, at zero position and then moved to the desired location.

    From lush summertime oasis, to a barren desert hideout, this set offers plenty of variety.

    What's Included and Features

    • Poser Version (.PP2 and .OBJ)
      • 1Full Scene
      • 35 Universal Props
        • 1 Dirt Path
        • 1 Terrain Only
        • 1 The Pad
        • 1 Old Dock
        • 1 Collapsed Dock
        • 1 Foot Bridge
        • 1 Post
        • 1 Cattail Plant
        • 2 Grass Clumps
        • 1 Short Grass
        • 1 Tall Dry Grass
        • 1 Tall Grass
        • 1 Canyon Gorge
        • 1 Background Hill
        • 1 Rockface Cliff
        • 1 Boulder
        • 2 Flatstones
        • 5 Medium Rocks
        • 2 Pebbles
        • 4 Round Rocks
        • 1 Complex Rock
        • 2 Small Rocks
        • 1 Oval Rock
        • 1 Gravelstone
      • 9 Camera Presets (.CM2)
      • 4 Light Sets (.LT2)
      • 1 Poser Scene (.PZ3)
    • DAZ Studio Version (.DAZ and .DSO)
      • 1 Full Scene
      • 13 DS MATs (.DSB)
        • 1 Full Scene DS MAT
        • 1 DS Bump MAT
        • 12 DS Prop MATs
      • 2 DS Lights (.DSB)
    • Textures Include
      • 3 Backdrops (3664x2748)
      • 4 Textures (512x256)
      • 7 Textures (1024x512)
      • 2 Textures (1024x768)
      • 5 Textures (1024x1024)
      • 23 Textures (2048x2048)
      • 1 Texture (3000x3000)
      • 1 Texture (3664x3664)
      • 2 Textures (4096x4096)
      • 2 Textures (4267x2133
    • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSB)



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