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Victoria 3.0 Highlight/Contour Texture Maps (Standard Res)

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  • Badge Daz Original
sku: 1104


The Highlight and contour maps were designed with a very specific look in mind. Highlights have been preserved in the maps in order to compensate for certain renderers that do not accurately represent specular effects. They are useful in global lighting situations or when you are wanting a simple solution to lighting your Vicki 3 character.

See The Making of the V3 Maps for an exciting and detailed expose into DAZ's innovative map making process!

Additional Information
Notes This map may not produce the most desirable of results when specific control of light and highlight of the model is required. In these and other cases use the Victoria 3.0 Universal Maps.

If you are a Poser 3 or 4 (non-Pro Pack) user, you will need to convert the .jpg Bump maps to .bum files before the MAT poses will work!

Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 40 MAT Poses
    • Makeup
    • Natural
    • 7 Skin Tones
    • 5 Eye Colors
    • 13 Lip Colors
    • 7 Nail Settings
    • 3 Bump Settings
    • 3 Skin Specular Settings
  • 9 Standard Resolution Maps
    • HeadMap 2048X1393
    • HeadBump 2048X1393
    • HeadMap2(MakeUp) 2048X1393
    • HeadTransparency 1024X1024
    • EyesBlue 256X256
    • EyesDarkBlue 256X256
    • EyesBrown 256X256
    • EyesDarkBrown 256X256
    • EyesGreen 256X256

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