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Dodger/XFX-3d Presents: SyrINJ

SyrINJ, the first software offering from XFX3d, is a Windows application that allows you to create and save out Morph INJ poses simply by loading your original mesh and your morphed mesh.

No more splitting out groups and then loading up 55 different morph targets in Poser and then hacking the morphs out of your new figure to create your poses!

Now you can simply save out your one single morphed and grouped object and apply it directly to your original figure, then save out your morph target with a number of different options, including graphical controls for the Channel ID to use, the name to give your channel, the type of ERC to use (if any), and the option to automatically make seperate deltas and visibility files using both the XFX and DAZ approaches to readScripted deltas!

Better yet, you don't even need a whole morphed figure! Want to make a face-and-neck morph for V4? Extract her head and neck, then just morph *those*, save back the new morphed and grouped object consisting only of the neck and head, and apply that directly to the original V4 figure mesh!

This is the most super injector program you'll ever need, and it can speed your workflow as a morph-maker and character-maker immensely!

Requires: Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT, or Vista. (Sorry, not yet available for Mac or Linux/UNIX, but it's in the works!)

Additional Information
Notes This Product is PC only. This product is only avaialble through the Product Library, it is not available through Install Manager.
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software No
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Create morphs directly from Object files
  • Morph targets may be full or partial grouped object files
  • Control your morph channel name and ID
  • Two ERC type options (plus option to not use ERC)
  • Four injection style options (three readScripted and one inline)
  • Automatic optional creation of REM files, too!
  • Fast workflow!

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