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Solar Fire Photoshop Brushes

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sku: 15433



Ever wanted those realistic sunsets in your images, but don't know how to make flares? Now you can illuminate your renders and make spectacular effects!

This set of Photoshop brushes will create sun flares in your images and add that extra something that really sets the image apart. You can mix and match em, to create your own flare. You can use them for space phenomenon, special effects, sunsets or to make magic - the possibilities are endless!

There are 32 singular flares, and 33 dynamic flares that are made from the singles, which create trails (as well as change the colors, when you have two colors selected on your color palette) The brush sets load separately, so you can load only what you're going to use at a time.

Also included are all the single flare's as PNG's, so you can adapt them to other software suites, if you don't own Photoshop, as well as PSD layer that has them all inside, for programs that can read psd.

Additional Information
  • This product includes 3 Base Installers
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software N/A
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Solar Fire Photoshop Brushes (.ABR)
    • 32 Singular Flares
    • 33 Dynamic Flares, which make trails and change the rotation and color
    • Both sets load separately, so you only load what you want
  • PNG's included of all the single flares, to adapt them to other software suites
  • PSD layer with single flares
  • Other Information
    • Flare Brushes are 4000px (CS6)
    • Flare Brushes are 2500px (CS5 or lower)
    • Dynamic Trail Brushes are 1000px
    • PNG's are 2819 x 2819 resolution
    • Brushes are compatible with PS7 or higher

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