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Fantasy Landscapes Mega Pack For Vue D Esprit

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sku: 7770



Fantasy Landscapes is a great way to jump start your Vue landscaping library, and combines the best selling Forgotten Places, and Lonely Places landscape packs by leading Vue content creator Martin J Frost. This Package for Vue D Esprprit Six or above combines the power of Vue's ecosystem technology which enables you to create instant highly detailed landscapes at the click of a mouse, with highly detailed procedural distant landscape textures which instantly transform your hills and mountains! These two packages come together to create a Vue tool of awesome power and versatility. With this package you can create an infinite number of landscapes, with complete ease! Please note that you need to own a version of Vue that has ecosystem technology in order to use the ecosystem portion of this package.

Additional Information
Notes This Product requires VUE 6 Esprit
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Vue
What's Included & Features

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