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the Pose Tools for Poser Pro Pak

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sku: 2988



- Pose Tools does anything with Poses you ever wished for -
Pose Tools
is a powerful collection of tools that allows you to save, for instance: a Figure complete with Hair, or two people joining hands, or a hundred people dancing together, all complete with Clothing, Hair and Props - and all in only one *.pz2 Pose File!
Pose Tools enables you to save complex Poser 5 Materials or to change legacy Poser 4 Materials into Poser 5 Materials and, among many other time-saving & creativity- enhancing functions, also has options to speed up working in the Material Room
For use with Poser 4 SR 3

Additional Information
Notes This product is for PC Users only

If you use Windows XP you will need this patch. Install it after running the base installer

Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Pose Tools
    makes it possible for you to save all Materials of any Figure and / or Props in one *.pz2 Pose File, and then apply just one Material out of those (possibly) hundreds of Materials to whatever Material in whatever subject you please - give Vicky the feathers of the Great Tit or make the Great Tit have Vicky's Eyes.
  • Total Freedom:
    the Figures / Props you apply the Materials or Poses to may be completely different from the originals!
  • Pose Tools
    gives you that much flexibility, you could save all Poses from a HUGE, multi - Figure / Props scene in one *.pz2 Pose File - just like a standard *.pz3 scene File, but a lot smaller and quicker -, and then either apply all those Poses back, with one click - and all Poses will go to the right subjects, without you having to think about it! - ; or apply just that one pose of that one arm and hand to a *totally different* Figure in a *totally different* scene-from now on, you can pick from existing poses, instead of having to use just the one.
  • Pose Tools
    'poses' Figures in the greatest Detail possible, and can save or apply their Materials and / or Pose to any other Prop (when Pose is applied: a Prop that accepts Poses) or Figure.
  • Pose Tools even 'poses' Props, and can save or apply their Materials and / or Pose to any other Prop or Figure
  • Pose Tools always saves Materials with all Image Maps, but can apply Materials with or without Image Maps - so you could just transfer that sheen you like, enhancing but not altering too much the basic look of the subject you're working on.
  • Pose Tools can save or apply Poses complete with BODY - File, SCALES, and / or XYZ - 3D Position Data, or just any combination of those three
  • Pose Tools has a set of switches that enable you to either apply or write the basic Pose, or the Pose with all options included:
    • the morph- switch applies / applies not any MORPH Data in the Pose;
    • the BODY - switch applies / applies not / writes / writes not any BODY Data in the Pose;
    • the SCALE- switch applies / applies not/ writes / writes not any SCALE Data in the Pose;
    • the XYZ - switch applies / applies not/ writes / writes not any XYZ - 3D Position Data in the Pose
  • Pose Tools can also command all ZoomTool II Views, enabling you to quickly check your Pose from all important angles, without having to juggle with camera controls.
    fast, optimized code, tested again and again in the real world graphic File Viewer with exportable lists of favorites- get your files from anywhere with two clicks, even across multiple disks detailed Manual in HTML, call from within each module inline Help in each module
    Installer complete with update for Environment Creators Version II

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