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MK Scripts

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The MKScripts Bundle includes six powerful Python scripts for Poser 4 with the Pro Pack for one low price.

For use with Poser 4 Pro Pack. Requires the Service Pak 2 update.
This product is not available in MAC format.

Additional Information
Notes This product is only offered for the Windows operating system.
All tech support for this product is handled by the creator. Please send all support related inquiries directly to [email protected]

All scripts come with individual Python scripts to install them to your Python Window and (with exception of MK Vibrate) help menus. An install script is also included that installs the entire MKScripts Bundle to your Python Window.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software N/A
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • MK Batch Render renders and saves images of your Poser files on command.
    MK Batch Render is a Python Script that automatically renders a folder of PZ3 files and saves them in an image format that you choose--all you have to do is run the script, pick the folder and the format, and hit Start!
    With this version of MK Batch Render, you can choose for the images to be saved in BMP, JPG, PCT, PNG, or TIF. You can also choose not to save image files; basically turning MK Batch Render into a "slide show" of Poser renders.
    MK Batch Render features a straightforward, easy to use interface, complete with a Help/Troubleshooting menu and a Python script that automatically installs MK Batch Render into your Python Window.
  • MK Clipboard adds a long-awaited copy-cut-paste mechanism for Poser figures and hair.
    MK Clipboard gives Poser 4 Pro users what they've wanted for a long time: The ability to cut, copy, and paste figures and hair inside Poser.
    MK Clipboard is a Python script that makes use of the Python Window to give you a "clipboard" capable of holding six items at a time. The names of the items you copy/cut are preserved, so you can easily tell what's on your Poser clipboard.
    MK Clipboard includes a Help/Troubleshooting menu and a Python script that automatically installs MK Clipboard into your Python Window.
  • MK Materialize makes MAT pose at the click of a button, expanding the capability of your Pose library to saving and loading materials settings.
    MK Materialize opens up MAT file creation to the non-programmer. MAT files are a special kind of Pose library file that change figure material settings rather than changing the pose; you may have some that came with other DAZ3D products.
    Before MK Materialize, a Python script for Poser 4 Pro, you had to save the figure and text edit and specially format the character file to make a MAT pose. With MK Materialize, all you have to do is hit a button and a MAT pose for the current figure is saved to your Pose library!
    At the click of a button, you'll be capturing and saving material settings for your characters. It works great with the Millennium characters!
    MK Materialize includes a Help/Troubleshooting menu and a Python script that automatically installs MK Materialize into your Python Window.
  • MK Parameters lets you quickly toggle the display of parameter dials, saving time while working with morph-heavy figures and gain access to hidden parameter dials like yTransB.
    MK Parameters is a tool to help you manage figures with large numbers of morph targets, specifically designed for work with Michael and Victoria.
    MK Parameters is a Python script for Poser 4 Pro that shows and hides parameter dials of different types. Using MK Parameters, you can show and hide morphs, 'expression' morphs (such as smile and frown), rotation dials, translation dials, and hidden dials (such as the translate dials for body parts).
    MK Parameters is essential for a figure like Victoria 2. Using MK Parameters, you can hide her numerous morph targets while posing her head and other body parts, letting your work go infinitely faster and more smoothly.
    MK Parameters includes a Help/Troubleshooting menu and a Python script that automatically installs MK Parameters into your Python Window.
  • MK Vibrate speeds up animating vibration and opens the door to new camera and lighting effects in your Poser animations.
    MK Vibrate gives animators a tool to quickly and easily create effects that range from humming bird wings to earthquakes.
    MK Vibrate is a Python script for Poser 4 Pro that eliminates the need to animate vibration effects slowly and monotonously, frame-by-frame. Quickly and easily, you can set the magnitude of the vibration and the axis to vibrate on. In addition to props and body parts, MK Vibrate can be used with lights and cameras to create new effects for your scene.
    MK Vibrate includes a Python script that automatically installs it into your Python Window.
  • MK WhiteOut gives you a toolbox to work with Poser's materials settings quickly and effectively, including the Millennium Mapper for Michael and Victoria.
    MK Whiteout is a suite of Python scripts for Poser 4 Pro that make it easy to work with the material settings of a figure or prop.
    Using MK Whiteout: Object Color, you can change all the object colors on the current figure/prop to one you choose. MK Whiteout: Specularity and MK Whiteout: Ambience let you easily do the same for highlight and ambient colors. MK Whiteout: Specularity will also let you choose a highlight strength for all materials. With MK Whiteout: Transparency, you can set the transparency maximums, minimums, and falloffs of the prop/figure's materials.
    MK Whiteout also features the Millennium Mapper, an essential tool for any owner of Michael or Victoria. Michael and Victoria both use two maps, one for the body and one for the head. With Millennium Mapper, you no longer have to go through the materials list and decide which map goes with which material. The Millennium Mapper can load up to two texture, two bump, two transparency, and two reflection maps at a time (one for the head materials and one for the body materials).
    The suite's innovative Python interfaces include customizable color swatches, Red-Green-Blue sliders, and a real-time preview of the color to apply.
    MK WhiteOut includes a Help/Troubleshooting menu and a Python script that automatically installs MK WhiteOut into your Python Window. Millennium Mapper features its own Help/Troubleshooting menu.

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