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Advance Pack

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sku: 9458



Advance Pack embodies the hottest Carrara plug-ins by Inagoni, including Velouté, Baker, Replica, Deeper, Primivol, and S.W.A.P. This plug-in bundle delivers incredible value and benefits for anyone wanting to expand the texture and surfacing capabilities of Carrara.

Additional Information
Notes Win32 Carrara 8 Beta update to this item is available here for purchasers of this item. 64 bit version expected in next few weeks.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Carrara
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
Included Plug-ins
  • Velouté
    • Velouté is a powerful procedural texture builder for Carrara. It contains more than 160 basic functions that can be easily combined to create a huge variety of textures.
  • Baker
    • Baker is a texture baking tool. Using the UV mapping of an object, it can extract flat texture maps from any Carrara shader. Baker can also read ZBrush normal maps.
  • Deeper
    • Bump mapping based on normal map is now possible in Carrara thanks to Deeper, a tool that can create and read normal maps.
  • Primivol
    • Primivol contains the following volumetric primitives: Fire, Cloud, Smog, Rising Smoke. Through these primitive, Primivol can also render any 3D shader as a volume, and can alter its shape with a set of modifiers and ramp-off functions. Lighting, self-shadow, density, color and many other parameters are accessible through the UI and can be precisely adjusted and animated.
  • Replica
    • Replica clones objects in arrays or on existing surfaces, and each clone can have a randomized or controlled position, scaling, orientation or even shading
  • Swap
    • Swap replaces any kind of element in the scene hierarchy by another one: it can replace lights with cameras, cameras with lights, or any objects with another one.

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