INJection Pose Builder 1.5

INJection Pose Builder 1.5

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    • $19.95
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    You spend hours perfecting your custom character, using the DAZ morph paks. Because they are intensive on system resources, you use the INJ/REM poses, only loading what is needed. Well, after saving a pose for that perfect character, you realize that the pose doesn't automatically load all the morphs you used to create her, rather it just spins the dials. Frustrated, you realize that you'll have load all the morphs and then apply the pose just to get your figure again, or you'll have to build (by hand) all the readScript references yourself. A little uncertain about how this new fan-dangled 'readScript' stuff works... you think 'There has got to be an easier way!' This utility IS that easier way...

    Now, you can distribute your readScript equipped poses (freebie or for sale) and the masses will love you for being so thoughtful as to include readScript references to make their lives easier... And it took you less than 5 minutes, when it would've taken the better part of an hour or more (depending on the number of morphs you used) to do it by hand.

    What else could a user want? Here is a tool that makes your V3 morph poses easy to use and simple to understand! And what more could a developer want? This utility does all the tedious stuff in a fraction of the time! This utility is designed specifically with the intent to make creating readScript enabled poses for DAZ's third generation Millennium figures almost effortless.

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    What's Included and Features

    • Reads
      • .cr2
      • .pz2
      • .fc2
    • Writes
      • .pz2
      • .fc2
    • Append Files
      • In Line
      • After Line
      • At End (of Display)
    • Clear
      • Above Cursor (Text Cursor)
      • Below Cursor (Text Cursor)
    • Zoom Height (Vertical Maximize)
    • Included Link Libraries
    • Processing Options:
      • Create INJ & REM Poses
      • Create INJection Pose
      • Create REMoval Pose
      • Selected Actors Only
      • readScript specific:
        • Exclude readScript Entirely
        • Exclude Pre-Existing
        • Exclude for Zeroed Channels
      • Morph Specific:
        • Exclude Non-Existant (in Library)
        • Exclude Non-Expression Morphs
        • Exclude Expression Morphs
      • Channel specific:
        • Exclude values
        • Round Thousandths Palce (.001)
        • Exclude Zeroed Channels
        • Exclude Taper Channels
        • Exclude Scale Channels
        • Exclude Rotation Channels
        • Exclude Translation Channels
        • Exclude Curve Channels
    • Manual readScript Insertion
      Simple function for manually locating unindexed readScript entries
    • Batch Process Multiple files
    • Create IPB Prep Poses
    • you can also view the Help File for more information.


    This product has not been tested in Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)

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