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Genesis 2 Female V6XprssnMagic

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sku: 18889



Genesis 2 Female V6XprssnMagic lets you copy into DAZ Studio or Poser the morph dial settings from any combination of the 70 eye and 91 mouth poses – giving you thousands of combinations! Existing head position or face-shaping dial settings on the figure are not overwritten by these expression settings.

Includes separate settings and previews for both the Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 6.

This product comes in three versions: a free-standing version for PCs (G2FemV6XprssnMagicPC), another for Macs (2FemV6XprssnMagicMac), and a third version (G2FemV6XprssnMagicShockwave.html) which can be run in any web browser that has the free Adobe Shockwave plug-in installed.

For DAZ Studio users, there is the included XprssnMagic Importer 4 script, enables pasting XprssnMagic morph dial combination settings to a Genesis 2 Female(s) figure.

Additional Information
  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
    • 4 General Installers
Compatible 3D Figures Genesis 2 Female
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Free-standing application
  • Requires only the Genesis 2 Female(s) expression morphs
  • Two sets of morph values, specially adjusted for the Genesis 2 Female(s) and Victoria 6:
    • Each figure has its own Front and Side preview images
  • Instantly audition any combination of Eye and Mouth expressions in the Preview window:
    • Click a button to Switch the Preview between Front and Side view
    • Click a button to Compare a combo with the Neutral face
    • Includes Neutral and No-Change choices to independently change eyes and mouth
    • The Visemes are included in the mouth list
  • Copy and paste directly into Poser
  • Paste into DAZ Studio via the included XprssnMagic Importer 4 script
  • Xprssn combos will not overwrite Position, Scaling or Face Shaping settings
  • Note: Currently, the mouth expressions *68-*75 only work in DAZ Studio if you uncheck the limits box in the settings for the Tongue Out dial. They do not work at all in Poser.
  • Includes an illustrated User Guide in Adobe Acrobat format

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