Environment Creator Deluxe Version 2 for Poser 5

Environment Creator Deluxe Version 2 for Poser 5

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    • $34.95
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    These Python programs, bundled together in the DeLuxe package, were already the last word in tools for Poser when they were released in Version 1- but now, in Version 2, with totally new algorithms and possibilities, things are even better!

    Manage ANY complex Lighting Environment with The Light WorkShop II - be it radiosity, spotlights or just a lot of lights that would otherwise be impossible to manage comfortably. Control them with as much detail as you want- and even rework your old sets AUTOMATICALLY! With the "READER" module, you get your old, beloved sets to be as versatile as the sets created with the CREATOR! You are also able to do these things with constantly updated and meaningful visual feedback, and the ability to write each manipulation into a SnapShot. You can rename or delete each of these and organize them into lists up to 32 SnapShots long - so your WorkFlow gets to be as efficient as can be.

    These programs again truly break new ground. You can see quickly rendered previews, up to 500 pixels, with or without shadows or background. You can Undo or Redo; you can even save what you have done - including a "definition" for RECREATING, with one click.

    With the "SeasonMaker" you DEFINE your own Seasons (A northern Winter would naturally very much differ from a Sahara's Winter!) for use with the "SunDial."

    With the "SunDial" you can set the time of Day or Night by the minute, and also alter some aspects of the current Season Definition as well.

    With the "CREATOR!" you can create Environments. Lots of ready made Environments are included, all organized in different Folders like "Night," "SunDown," "Room," etc. NB: CREATOR! reads Version 1 Files as well

    With the "Light WorkShop II" you can rotate, color, brighten and/or influence the Shadow strength of, or set the Shadow Map size for the main light, the reflection lights, the sky dome lights or ANY light whatsoever. You can do it just to the front, left, right, back, top, down, mid or halfway-mids. You can write each manipulation to a SnapShot, and organize these SnapShots into files for later reuse.
    NB: Light WorkShop II only reads Version 2 Files.
    SnapShot Files can be written as "Total" Files, holding the WHOLE Light Environment you are currently working on, which you can RECREATE later, with one click, using the "Reader"

    "PhotoReader" reads in photographs (currently only GIF files, but that may alter in the future) and, interactively creates Environments from them. You'll be surprised by how realistic these Light Environments work. PhotoReader also exports as standard "CREATOR!" files - real handy for creating your own libraries!

    "Reader" RECREATES Environments, and loads their SnapShot Lists into the Light WorkShop II's memory. "Reader" also CHECKS Environments, and gives advice if needed.
    "Reader" also automatically ADAPTS your old light sets;

    Finally, "DELETE" will delete either all or just parts of the Environment.

    With Environment Creator DeLuxe Version 2, you can create ANY environment needed- rooms, nature, fire, whatever. Start either with a photograph in the "PhotoReader", or by twiddling the knobs in the "CREATOR!", creating first a "QUICK" environment style for testing. If you're content, save the definition and recreate it at "GOOD" or even "BEST" quality. Or stay within the programs all the time, rendering previews as you go. Plus, you can also upload these ".pcb" lightfiles for others to enjoy.
    For Users of Version 1: EC2 can remain visible all the time, whatever you do, and can now also be iconized via the standard Window's Taskbar

    The highly optimized code works fast, even with 200,000 plus polygon models, and is rugged and rock solid to the core.
    The Environment Creator Deluxe will make your copy of Poser a high-end radiosity rendering application with a user-friendliness, and a speed that those other programs simply cannot have.

    Forget the rest. Except for Poser ProPack, latest update, or Poser 5 - you won't need anything else for your lights- ever.

    Requires the previous purchase of Poser 5. Compatible with Windows Operating System Only.

    What's Included and Features

    • 7 Great, Rock-Solid Python Programs
      • Light WorkShop II
        • Bright or dim!: Change shadow strength or shadow map
        • Rotate or change the color for warm, cool or saturation for either sun, sky, or bounce lights, ALL at once, ANY light you choose, or only front/ left/ right/ back/ mid/ half-mids/ top/ down
        • Rework your old sets AUTOMATICALLY with the READER module, easily adapt your other sets to get the sort of ultimate control only EC allows
      • PhotoReader and CREATOR!
        • Create the Sky Environment you want - either from a photo or totally manually, then a Sun- which will be placed automatically where it should, depending on your creation.
        • Create the Reflection Environment you need - either from a photo or totally manually, given the situation in your model. Create any Radiosity sheen your model asks for.
        • You can create a "QUICK" Environment style for testing, which can later be changed into more substantial styles like:
          • "FAST" (Bounce lights)
          • "GOOD"
          • "BEST" all at the click of a button
      • SunDial-set the Time of Day or Night and choose the Season you need
      • SeasonMaker-DEFINE or ADAPT the Season you need for use with the SunDial
      • Reader-RECREATE Environments from SnapShot Lists, CHECK Environments, ADAPT any lightset
      • DELETE *all* or *parts* of the lights- no leftovers if you so wish. Simple, but effective
    • 1 "Help-Prop" for those of you who are perfectionists, to help you to understand any set, if you so want (you don't need to!)
    • 2 Radiosity Lightsets with the perfect match between quality & speed, totally ready for The LightWorkShop
    • Extensive Online Help for all Modules


    This product is not Macintosh compatible.

    In Poser 5, Light Creation & Manipulation, especially for really large models, is slightly slower than in Poser 4, due to the different nature of Poser 5. Functionality and reliability is however 100%

    You can send any questions you have directly to Paul Christiaan Bos. Questions get answered within 24 hours - or even quicker

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