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PD Pro 7 Howler, powered by Project Dogwaffle

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PD Pro Howler is a digital painting and animation program for PC, powered by Project Dogwaffle.

This is the full-featured version of PD Pro, including support for video and animations.

IMPORTANT: If you order v7 Howler here at DAZ then you can get free updates to v7.x updates by contacting the author at TheBest3D.com.

PD Pro 7 Howler was first released in late December 2011. It continues as a work in progress, with an ever expanding list of new features that are being added. Here are just a few key elements added in 7.0:

* 3D Designer
* Quick Color Picker
* Filter: Adjust all
* Orbicles (orbiting particle brushes)
* 3D API for software developers
* Smooth Scaling mode for zooming

Version 7.1 (aka "Carrot Juice") was released January 31st 2012. It is a free update for users of v7.0.

* Rotoscoping to change video content
* Image stabilization and improved motion tracking
* Antialiasing of drawing tools
* New Color Curve Tool
* Greatly enhanced Curve tool
* Faster Timeline

Version 7.2 (aka "Hobs and Jills") came out in March 2012. It is a free update for users of v7 and 7.1. Here's a brief summary of what's new in 7.2:

* Multi-monitor support
* New user interface style and colors
* Motion prediction module
* Re-invented timeline editor
* More options in 3D Designer animation
* Faster loading of image sequences
* Broader file format support for compositing
* Broader use of SSE2 and threading
* More options in enhanced curve tool: B-Spline toggle

The list of features included in Project Dogwaffle Professional is extensive and ever growing. You can see some of its evolution at http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/whatsnew

If you don't care for video/animations, you might be interested in the lower-priced Artist edition. Version 6 of PD ARtist is available here at DAZ. You can request a free update to v7 Artist from the developers at Thebest3D.com

Additional Information
Notes This product is for Windows Only.
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software No
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
    Paint features:

    * Natural media, many presets, fully customizable
    * Full tablet support
    * Custom brushes
    * bristle brushes
    * particle brushes, under the influence of force fields
    * Animated (multi-frame) custom brushes
    * Well over 100 fast full featured filters. Real-time is our middle name.
    Premium color mixing tools. Red-yellow-blue, palette mixer, lots more.
    Multi-monitor support

    Animation features:

    * Onion skin
    * Load/Save AVI's, frame sequences
    * Frame scanning
    * Line cleanup and non-photo blue removal
    * Timeline to apply filters
    * Exposure sheet with lip syncing
    * Frame sequencer
    * Rotoscoping matte creation
    * Motion analysis to create slow motion or add motion blur to stop motion
    * Animated brush timeline
    * Animated brush keyframer
    * Animation retiming
    * Interlaced video support
    * Batch processing
    * Batch conversion and renaming
    * Particles, 3D height map, etc.
    * Image stabilization. Camera motion smoothing, removal and re-addition.
    * Motion tracking in Brush keyframer
    * Frame interpolation with Motion Prediction

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