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Smoke and Flames Tool

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Smokin' Flames is a powerful tool to add fire, smoke and much more to your renders. This set of tools can create spectacular effects for images and animation. Because these tools don't use plugins, scripts, or any external programs they will always work for you. The elegant and simple design allows you to see the simulation real time in the document window. There are no complicated particle simulations to set up.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Flame Emitter
    • 100 Cells
    • Easy controls
      • Height
      • Width
      • Twist
      • Skew
      • Animate (Operates image sequence)
  • Smoke Emitter
    • 100 Smoke "puffs" each with 100 Cell sequences
    • Point at target keeps effect puffs pointed at the target (Poser Only)
      • Place the target near the camera to keep puffs pointed at the camera
    • Easy Controls
      • Smoke (Makes the smoke do it's thing)
      • Initial controls
        • Smoke Density
        • Smoke Fade
        • Celing (Inversion layer height)
        • Drift (X, Y, Z)
        • Scale (X, Y)
      • Randomization
        • Drift (X, Y, Z)
        • Scale (X, Y)
        • Rotation
      • Gain (Effect smoke as it moves away from source)
        • Drift (X, Y, Z)
        • Scale (X, Y)
        • Rotation
  • 15 Image Sequences
    • 100 Cells each
      • Fae Blast (An explosion of Pixie dust, or maybe a star)
      • Fae Dust (A Cascade of sparkles)
      • Fire 1 (A single intense flame, maybe a torch)
      • Fire 2 (A line of flames for a campfire or burning objects)
      • Fire 3 (Fire Jet could be a dragon blast or a flame thrower)
      • Lightning (A horizantal point to point lightning blast
      • Lightning 2 (A vertical strike with no end point)
      • Smoke (6 variants)
      • Vapor 1 (A sideways moving spooky vapor)
      • Vapor 2 (A vertical vapor, spooky
    • 1,818 Textures in total
  • 47 Material Flame Presets
  • 39 Material Smoke Presets
  • 3 Sample Smoke Animations
  • 7 Utility Poses
    • Shadow ON/OFF
    • Controls ON/OFF
    • 3 Shading Rate Adjustments (Speed renders up)
  • Smoke and Flame materials are interchangable
  • Poser 6 and newer or DAZ Studio 2.3 and newer
  • Complete discreet versions for Poser and Studio
  • Comprehensive Tutorial

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