Breathtaking--Bishonen for Michael 3

Breathtaking--Bishonen for Michael 3

  • $21.95
    • $21.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Michael 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Required Products:
    Compatible Figures:
    Michael 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Required Products:
  • Details

    A slight blush rises to the cheeks of the women as they unconsciously flutter their eyelashes. The men hold their date a little more tightly, a little more possessively. All due to the approach of a strikingly beautiful young man whose graceful, long legs merely whisper through the tall grass. He pauses to raise his head toward the sky. As if it were for him alone, the clouds part, allowing the sun to glimmer off his perfect skin. Cherry blossom petals float by as the wind gently teases his hair. At that moment, time seems to stop. Only one word could describe such a man....Breathtaking!

    Bishonen, meaning "good-looking young man" in Japanese, commonly refers to the beautiful men often seen in anime and manga. Choose any one of the twenty-four facial morphs to give Michael 3 a delicate and youthful look perfect for anime, elves, or pretty boys. Morph his body into classic anime style with a toned physique, narrow waist, and signature long legs. Break away from the typical Michael and transform him into your favorite bishonen!

    What's Included and Features

    • 24 Bishonen Face Injection/Remove Poses for Michael 3 -- Uses 6 custom head morphs in addition to Daz morphs
      • 12 'Good' Faces
      • 12 'Evil' Faces
    • 4 Elf Ear Morphs Injection/Remove Poses for Michael 3
      • Add or remove elf ears without affecting facial morph
    • 4 Bishonen Body Injection/Remove Poses for Michael 3 -- Uses 1 custom body morph in addition to Daz morphs
      • Choose from slim and toned to large and muscular
    • 3 Injection/Remove poses for custom morphs only
      • All custom morphs
      • All custom head morphs
      • Custom body morph
    • 1 Magnet Prop
      • Help clothing fit the custom body morph
    • 7 Scale poses for clothing conformers
      • Easily scales clothing to fit Bishonen proportions
      • Works on most conformers
      • 2 poses remove scaling
    • 10 Armored BodyGlove Texture Maps (2000x2672)
      • Inspired by skintight armor often seen in anime and manga!
      • 10 MATs to apply armor
      • 2 MATs to adjust shine of armor
    • 6 Hi-Resolution Head Textures (4000x2720)
      • 1 Natural Head Texture
      • 5 Makeup Head Textures
      • 6 MATs to apply preset makeup combinations
    • 1 Realistic Transparency Map (2000x2000)
      • Beautiful, lush lashes
      • Pubic hair
    • 1 Extra Lip Map (4000x2720)
      • 7 Lip colors total
      • 7 MATs to change lip colors
    • 10 Hi-Resolution Eye Maps (504x504)
      • Speculars (eye glint) are not painted on the texture
      • 10 MATs to change eye colors
    • 1 Eye Reflection Map (500x500) -- For bright, sparkling eyes
      • 1 MAT to apply reflection map to cornea
      • 1 MAT to remove reflection map
    • 1 Hi-Resolution Body Maps (3000x4000)
    • 1 Hi-Resolution Genital Map (2000x1120)
      • 2 MATs to apply maps
    • 1 Teeth and Gums Texture Map (1000x1000)
    • 12 High Quality Bishonen Poses
      • 6 "Left" Poses
      • 6 Matching "Right" Poses
    • 10 Light Sets
    • 5 Camera Sets
      • Each camera set has different angles and positions to create dynamic results or help arrange your scene more easily.


    Bonus Free Morphs to Fit
    Fantasy Warrior
    Genesis Rage
    Boot Pack
    Sci-Fi Outfit

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