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Samurai Yoroi for M3

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For Blood, Steel, and Honour. O-Yoroi, or Great Armour, appeared in the tenth century and became common in the twelfth, during the Genpi Wars which brought the call for armour in Nippon to a peak. Built from metal or leather scales laced into plates and laquered against weathering, odoshi, or Japanese lamellar, is one of the most ornate and complex forms of armour ever designed. Built in seperate pieces, this suit of yoroi can be used all together for a full yoroi suit, or the seperate parts can be used in smaller suits. State of the art material techniques allow for the appearance of a bumpy, laced surface even at an extreme angle (unlike traditional bumpmaps). What's more, designing your own lacing pattern is simple, as the multi-layered materials allow you to simply colour the pattern of your choice onto the lacings! All images rendered in Poser 4.03 with no postwork.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Michael 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 16 Conformers and four props
  • Morphing Conforming Mempo (Mask/Faceguard)
    • Shape and Expression Morphs
    • Phonemes
    • Mimic Compliant
  • Conforming Domaru (Cuirass)
    • Shape morphs (Barrel-Chested, Female, Length and Breadth)
    • MAT poses for assorted historical patterns
  • Morphing Conforming Kabuto (Helmet)
    • Fit morphs (allow tilted head poses with folding odoshi)
    • Shape morphs (horn shape, width, length)
  • Conforming Obi (belt)
  • 2 Daisho (Weapons Sets)
    • Traditional Morphing Katana and Wakizashi
      • Katana morphs to No Tachi
      • Wakizashi morphs to Katana
      • Same maps and vertex order allows weapons to share morph targets and UVs
      • Layered-Material handles
    • Shirasaya Katana and Wakizashi
      • 1800s Walking Stick daisho (Out of Period, but cool)
    • Both Daisho fit the obi
  • Left and Right Conforming Kote (Forearms)
    • Same UVMap for each side, reversed for right
  • Left and Right Conforming Yukake (Hand guards)
    • Same UVmap for each side, reversed for right
  • Left and Right Conforming Osode (Shoulder plates)
    • Same UVmap for each side, reversed for right
    • Shape morphs for osode
    • MAT Poses for several traditional odoshi styles (same as Do)
  • Paired Conforming Tabi (shoes)
  • Paired Conforming Suneate (shin guards)
  • Paired Conforming Trouser legs (built for wearing under tunic-length tops, not full trousers)
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