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Tail Gunner A3

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sku: 4276



'The hunt is up, the morn is bright and grey, The fields are fragrant and the woods are green. Uncouple here and let us make a bay...' William Shakespeare

Tail Gunner sees Aiko 3 through almost any adventure you can conjure in your mind's eye. Whether she's stalking killer aliens in a funky sci-fi setting, or laying in wait for her 'mark' on a desolate street corner, this girl is ready for action.

The Tail Gunner clothing pack for A3 comes complete with halter top, jacket, shorts (with attached garters), high boots and her weapon of choice, Gladius. These amazingly detailed models are complemented with 2 complete sets of texture.

Additional Information
Notes This product has 2 installers.
Compatible 3D Figures Aiko 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Uses the same textures as Tail Gunner V3
  • 4 conforming figures
    • Halter top (CR2 & OBJ)
    • Jacket (CR2 & OBJ)
      • Flare Morphs to help simulate movement
    • Shorts (with garters) (CR2 & OBJ)
    • Tall boots (CR2 & OBJ)
      • Platform morphs
  • The following morphs are supported where pertinent
    • Realistic
    • Stylized
    • Young
    • Voluptuous
    • BreastSize1
    • BreastSize2
    • BreastSize3
    • BreastSize4
    • BrstCleavage
    • WaistNarrow
    • TummyOut
    • GluteBig
    • HipSmall
    • JCMlCollarBend
    • JCMrCollarBend
  • Gladius Gun prop (PP2 & OBJ)
  • 2 complete sets of textures:
    • Metallic: Sci-fi metallics and verigated leathers
    • Destroyed: Destroyed denim, black leather and funky velvet patches
  • Partial Poses
    • Left and Right hand grips for the gun
    • Partial poses for aiming the gun left and right
Resource Files

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