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Dark Apocalypse: Wasteland Warriors Bundle

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sku: 15865



The beginning of a great war has commenced - which side will you fight on?

This bundle includes the first three releases in the Dark Apocalypse series.

Vermillion Dawn: The savior of the humans, after the apocalypse had come to pass. She is a feral woman who fights beasts, and uses their bones to fashion her armor. Includes bone armor fit for a gritty desert warrior, extra textures for it as well as poses.

Prisoner of War: Introduces Ki'ara, a young spitfire who was captured by the Sarotu. She is a thief who relies on her sneakiness to get by. Includes an outfit that's part harem and part desert punk as well as a Lynx skull staff. Extra textures are included to change the clothing, as well as poses.

Shrieker: A terrifying creature that is part of the apocalyptic world; a wyrm that devours all it sees. Includes the Shrieker figure, 3 full textures to change his color as well as a myriad of poses that allow the Shrieker to terrorize your figures in a breeze.

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