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ReLight is a DAZ Studio script written to allow for re-lighting of a render through use of multi pass rendering in combination with 2D compositing (like Photoshop). ReLight allows for the automated creation of Diffuse, Specular passes on a scene or per-light basis, as well as Ambient color output into individual images. This allows the user to render each light as a separate image, and then add all lights together in 2D, providing interactive control of light intensities and colors. The dialing of light colors and intensities as post process eliminates the need for numerous time-consuming render iterations in balancing lights. It also allows you to paint and edit in new and powerful ways.

Additional Information
Notes This product is for DAZ Studio only. You should have a 2D program that supports layers as well to work with this. Also, this product is not currently compatible with DAZ Studio above version 1.8.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software N/A
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Specular shading component output
  • Diffuse shading component output
  • Ambient shading component output
  • Specular and Diffuse output can be created per light
  • User definable output image type, name, and path
  • Update of DAZ Studio UI to indicate current pass output
  • Documentation
    • Informative Tool tips and help
    • Instructional demo videos
      • Using ReLight
      • Assembling the rendered output in Photoshop
      • Tips and tricks

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