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Radiosity Scripts

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The Radiosity Scripts bundle includes eight useful Python scripts for Poser 4 with Pro Pack for one low price.

Python scripts for managing complex radiosity lighting sets. With these, you can rotate, color, brighten and/or influence the shadow strength of: the main light, the reflection lights, or the sky dome lights, whatever you need-or do it to all the lights at once, in one "fell swoop".

Great attention has been paid to the scope of the variables, so, even though the scripts allow for maximum interactivity, they are as rock solid as the Poser application itself; so you won't need to re-initialize Python, and pushing the "Exit" button makes for a clean end.

With these scripts, your copy of Poser can now become a high-end rendering application! For instance, the lighting in the rendering to the left is from the light set that is included with the set- and even though the light is different with the legs (there from the left, golden afternoon), it is the same old lighting set, only changed by the Python script.

Together with Michael Lane's admirable Lighting Environments you have the complete set of light- rendering weapons

For Poser 4 and Pro Pack only!

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • � 8 Great, Rock-Solid Python Scripts
    • DELETE *All* The Lights- No Leftovers
    • Brighten or Dim!
      • Sun
      • Sky
      • Bounce Lights
      • Or ALL Lights At Once
    • Change Shadow Strength in
      • Sun
      • Sky
      • Or Every Light
    • Rotate Either Sunlight Only, or All Lights
    • Change The Color of Every Light
      • Making The Whole Set Warmer or Cooler
      • Totally Different In Tone
    • Change Just Either Sun or Only Reflection Lights ("Bounce") or Change Any Light BUT The Bounce Lights
  • 3 New Radiosity Light Sets, With The Perfect Match Between Quality & Speed
  • 1 Tutorial To Help You Make The Most Out Of My New Tools

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