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Puppeteer Presets

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sku: 5708



Puppeteer Presets is a pack of premiere Presets to enable everyone from the most innocent novice to the most jaded animation pro to quickly and easily create your own unique animations for a variety of figures (see list below). Also included is a Marionette 'characterette' for the Aiko Toon figure, inspired by and designed for the Puppeteer program. The Presets are so powerful that describing them as 'animations' would be an incredible injustice. Yet this isn't just a resource for animators - still image artists can create unique, naturalistic, poses for the supported figures in seconds, with almost infinite variety at your fingertips. This pack takes advantage of the unique facilities of the Puppeteer program to redefine animating in this marketplace.

Create YOUR animations. YOUR way.

Additional Information

This product has 1 full DAZ Studio installer, and one full Aiko Toon Marionette Poser installer.

Not all Products are required to make use of this set, however, you have expanded functionality with more of the figures.

Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • For DAZ Studio:
    • Noggins Owl
      • Flight Layers
      • Head Layer
      • Legs Layer
      • Species Layer (for use with Noggins Owl with Owl Species Pack)
      • 7 Species DS Material Presets (for use with Species pack)
    • 3D Universe's Aiko Toon 'Marionette' Preset and Texture
      • Walk Layer
      • 1 Head Displacement Map
      • 1 Head Texture Map
      • 1 Body Texture and Displacement Map
      • 2 Marionette Material Files
      • 1 "Reset" Aiko Toon Material File
      • 1 Scene File Including Cylinders for 'Strings'
    • Digitlal I's Shark Preset (works with Blue, Oceanic White Tip, Hammerhead and Tiger Sharks)
      • Swim Layer
      • Eyes Layer
      • Body Translation Layer
    • Noggins Ostrich Preset
      • Walk Layer
      • Beak/Mouth Layer
      • Head Layer
      • Wings Layer
      • Eyes Layer
  • Bonus Files
  • For Aiko Toon Marionette:
    • 1 multi-layer head .PSD file for combining Aiko Toon Marionette with other textures
    • 2 Poser 5 MAT files (no reset)
    • 3 Poser 6 mt6 Material files (including Reset)

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