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Did you know that Victoria is the single most widely supported 3D figure in the world?

First introduced back in February of 1999, Victoria has been downloaded over 3 million times since then and has a wardrobe of over 10,000 add-on products. Victoria has appeared on television, in magazines, newspapers, books and websites across the globe. No matter how you use 3D models, Victoria is the answer when it comes to finding the perfect female CG character.

Victoria 5 - The latest & greatest

Built upon the Genesis™ figure platform, Victoria 5 is the premier Genesis shape that truly exemplifies all that Genesis has to offer. Victoria 5 contains true-to-life contours and perfect imperfections with which you can produce the most realistic, yet versatile CG characters imaginable. Victoria 5 works natively in DAZ Studio and can be exported via FBX® and COLLADA® to other 3D tools such as Maya®, Max®, Poser®, Zbrush®, and more.

  • Original, Realistic Full Body & Head Morph
  • New Supermodel Full Body Morph Variation
  • Elite Skin Texture: Bree
  • Breast Shape Expansion Pack
  • Fully Compatible with all existing and future Genesis Add-Ons
  • Custom UV's for Superior Skin Textures
  • Sub-D based mesh for multiple levels of detail
  • Fully Compatible with all existing and future Genesis Figures
  • Optimized Joint Setup Specific to Victoria 5's Shape
Victoria 5 logo Victoria - Little Black Dress Victoria - Little Black Dress Victoria - Little Black Dress
Victoria - Armor
Powered by Genesis

Victoria 5 opens up a wealth of possibilities by drawing upon the entire Genesis "gene-pool" of figures, present and future. As part of the Genesis series, Victoria 5 can make full use of all other Genesis products and add-ons. By being part of Genesis, Victoria 5 adds not just two new shapes to the pool of Genesis figures, but an exponential set of new figure blending options as the Victoria 5 shapes will work with every other Genesis shape as well.

Besides the two full body shapes and one new head shape provided with Victoria 5, extensive work has been done to improve the joint bending even beyond what the base Genesis figure enjoys. Victoria 5 enjoys a rig that has been carefully adjusted by hand just for her specific shape. Additionally, over 100 Genesis morphs have been adjusted to help them work with Victoria 5's shape better than any other Genesis figure. Victoria 5 also includes a set of general poses and even extra breast shapes made specific to her own form. Victoria 5 also comes standard with her own full Elite skin texture to help you create photo-realistic images that blur the line between CG and reality.


Victoria - Cheeky Dress
Options, Options, Options...

With the advent of Victoria 5 to the other Genesis™ shapes, you'll have access to a whole new array of possible figure shapes. Interested in getting the new She-Freak barbarian figure? Once you have Victoria and Genesis together (via the Genesis Freak shape) you can make your own She-Freak, or even a whole clan of She-Freaks. Need a variety of students for your project? Blend Victoria 5 with the Genesis Kid shape and create a classroom of students where no two are alike. Thanks to the Genesis platform, all of this (and way more) is possible without breaking clothing compatibility, and without you having to wait months or years for new figures to be released.

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Victoria 5 Feature Comparison
Victoria 5 logo
Victoria 5
Victoria 5 Starter Bundle
Victoria 5 Pro Bundle
Victoria 5 Pro Suite
Victoria 5 Full Body Morph 2222
Victoria 5 Head Morph 2222
Victoria 5 Supermodel Additive Full Body Morph 2222
Victoria 5 Custom UV Set 2222
V5 Elite Texture: Bree 2222
Victoria 5 Specific Breast Size Morphs 2222
3 Victoria 5 Specific Breast Shape Morphs 2222
10 General Poses for Victoria 5 2222
(hair)Pure Hair Bubblegum  222
(poses)Handy for Genesis  222
(clothing set)Sexy Silky for Genesis  222
(clothing set)Sci-Fi Bunny for Genesis  222
(character)Gabi for V5  222
(poses)15 Victoria 5 Poses   22
(hair)Chelsea Hair   22
(hair)Hampton Hair   22
(clothing set)Alruna   22
(clothing set)Magna Hart for Genesis   22
(character)Tori for V5   22
(expressions)Expressive for Genesis   22
(poses)Pin Up Poses for V5   22
(poses)Posed for Victoria 5   22
Victoria 5 Geo-Grafted Genitalia   22
Ethnicity for Genesis: Asian    2
Ethnicity for Genesis: African    2
Ethnicity for Genesis: Native American    2
(hair)Victoria 5 Elite Ponytail    2
(clothing set)Genesis Bikini    2
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