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A breakthrough achievement for the powerful Genesis™ figure platform.

Michael 5 - Strength & flexibility combined

Michael 5 is built upon the powerful Genesis™ figure platform. When you add the Michael 5 Male 3D Model to the other Genesis shapes including Victoria 5 within the DAZ Studio Character Creation Engine, you'll immediately gain access to thousands of additional body and head shape variations that you can use to create your own custom 3D characters. You can then add hair, skin, clothing, props and even animation and then export the 3D model via FBX® or OBJ or Collada to different 3D software applications such as Carrara®, Maya®, MAX®, Cinema4D®, Vue®, Poser®, Zbrush® and more.

  • Compatible with all Genesis 3D figures & shapes
  • Original, realistic full body & head morph
  • Custom UV's for superior 3D skin textures
  • Optimized joint setup specific to Michael 5
  • Sub-D based mesh for multiple levels of detail
  • Fully compatible with all Genesis add-ons

Michael 5 in action

Victoria 5 logo Michael - MMA Fighter Michael - MMA Fighter
Victoria - Armor
Michael advances the power of Genesis

With the addition of Michael 5 to the Genesis line of figures, you now have a complete 3D character solution. You can now mix and match between young and old, tall and short, thick and thin, photo-real, creature and toon. Plus, you can add in different ethnicities, skin colors, hairstyles, clothing and props to create a complete 3D character.


Genesis Figure Diagram
Michael 5 Barbarian with fur boots
Michael 5 Feature Comparison
Michael 5 logo
Michael 5
Michael 5 Starter Bundle
Michael 5 Pro Bundle
Michael 5 Pro Suite
Michael 5 Full Body Morph 2222
Michael 5 Head Morph 2222
Michael 5 Heroic Additive Morph 2222
Michael 5 Smooth Additive Morph 2222
Michael 5 Custom UV Set 2222
M5 Elite Texture: Philip 2222
20 Poses for Michael 5 (.DSF) 2222
3 Piece Boxer Set (.DSF) 2222
(hair)Pure Hair Classic  222
(clothing set)Town and Country for Genesis  222
(clothing set)DragonLord for Genesis  222
(character)James for M5  222
(poses)Easy Going for Michael 5  222
(hair)Zac Hair   22
(hair)Pure Hair: Sleek   22
(clothing set)Genesis Ranger   22
(clothing set)Preppy for Genesis   22
(character)Benjamin for M5   22
(clothing set)M5 Casual Male   22
(expressions)Manly Men M5   22
(poses)M5 Photographic Poses   22
(poses)Dark Priest Poses for M5   22
Michael 5 Genitalia   22
(shapes)Ethnicity for Genesis: Asian    2
(shapes)Ethnicity for Genesis: African    2
(shapes)Ethnicity for Genesis: Native American    2
(clothing set)Pajamas Michael 5    2
(hair)Pure Hair Casual    2
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