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The secret weapon

Artist: David Ridlen

Tools Used: DAZ Studio, Lightwave®, Fusion®, Realflow®

DAZ3D Content used: Millennium Baby 3

Victoria In Action - by David Ridlen

Throughout his nearly 15 years as a CG artist, David Ridlen has utilized DAZ 3D tools and assets for multiple projects. His main goal has been to provide a quality product, and DAZ 3D has become synonymous with this goal.

"It has become a bit of a running joke between me and my colleagues," Ridlen recalls. "Every time we face a daunting CG challenge, we always turn to each other, nod and immediately say: 'DAZ!' The funny thing is, it's no joke. DAZ 3D is a powerful little secret weapon." --David

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Graphic novelist from down under

Artist: Shane Smith

Tools Used: DAZ Studio, Poser®, Paint Shop Pro®, India Ink®, and Powerpoint®

DAZ3D Content used: Too many products to list!

Victoria In Action - The Lesser Evil by Shane Smith

"My mentality has always been, why have a hobby when you can be paid to do what you would do in your free time? Have a career doing your hobby. That way, no matter how hard you're working, it's fun and relaxing and you won't have some doctor telling you at 40 to 'Get a hobby.'"

"Doing hours and hours, even sometimes weeks, of 'pose' research, or trying to find the perfect model for a scene I need to complete, has been trimmed to a day or two thanks to DAZ 3D. Which means, I get the job finished faster, and can move to the next job sooner. My mortgage greatly appreciates how DAZ 3D's products have increased my efficiency and reduced the overall production time."

"DAZ 3D makes so many aspects of my work faster and more versatile, that I can't imagine how I ever got anything accomplished without it and don't want to even think about giving it up, now. It definitely stepped up my game!" --Shane

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Professional book and cover illustration

Artist: WillowRaven

Tools Used: DAZ Studio

DAZ3D Content used: V4, Tons of clothing products and hair

Victoria In Action - Empyreal Fate by WillowRaven

Who uses DAZ 3D products in their process? John Van Fleet is a world renowned illustrator and artist, who has one of the most impressive lists of clients that I've ever seen. Not only does John have a very unique style, but his vast portfolio is so incredibly creative. All you have to do is visit his web site to see how clever and creative he really is.

"I don't ever remember having so much fun figuring out how to navigate a web site. But I continue finding myself going back to see if there was something I left undiscovered." --WillowRaven

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