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DAZ Studio Plugins

Simple. Fun. Instant Gratification. These words describe what your experience with animation can be. Introducing aniMate, a ground-breaking new plugin for DAZ Studio developed by GoFigure. With aniMate, making your figures and props move is as simple as arranging blocks in a line from start to finish. Now anyone can create original animations quickly and easily.

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OptiTex Dynamic Clothing

Dynamic Clothing in DAZ Studio is a technology that utilizes an advanced physics engine to simulate the effect of gravity and collisions with other 3D objects on an article of 3D clothing. Dynamic clothing contains the properties of real-world fabric such as friction, stiffness, stretch resistance, and weight.

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DAZ Studio 4 Resources

  • Create Your Own Art Video
  • DAZ Studio 4 - The Power of Genesis Video
Discussion Forums

DAZ Studio has a very active following of users from hobbyists to professionals.

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DAZ Studio Developer Tools
DAZ Script

DAZ Studio can be accessed via a scripting language which allows for quite a bit of diversity in tool creation. Referred to as DAZ Script, this portion of the DAZ Studio Developer Tools is available free of charge to anyone who wishes to download it. DAZ Studio 4.5 includes a Script IDE (Integrated Development Environment) pane, which contains links to documentation and sample scripts, to help you get familiar with the DAZ Script language. DAZ Script is a dynamically typed, interpreted, object-oriented scripting language that is tightly integrated into the DAZ Studio API. Its roots are found in QtScript (QtSoftware/Nokia), and like QtScript, is based on the ECMAScript 3.0 Standard (ECMA-262). Syntactically, DAZ Script is very similar to JavaScript (Netscape), JScript (Microsoft) and ActionScript (Adobe) - which are each based on, or are the basis of, the mentioned standard - and if you have any familiarity with these languages, chances are you will find the transition to DAZ Script quite comfortable.

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DAZ Studio Plugin SDK

The DAZ Studio Plugin SDK provides a very tightly integrated, fully object-oriented interface which has been designed for maximum extensibility of DAZ Studio at all levels. The SDK provides you with the ability to add new functionality, interfaces, scene components, render engines, file I/O and much more, including the ability to integrate new components into the native file structure. The DAZ Studio Plugin SDK also enables you to load DAZ Studio with full functionality from other applications making it possible to directly import/export data as well as host live DAZ Studio content in other applications. Built upon the QT environment developed by TrollTech, DAZ Studio is able to be delivered as a successful cross-platform application.

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