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DAZ Studio 4 in action screenshot

Professional Illustration using DAZ Studio

Artist: Sam Kennedy

Tools Used: DAZ Studio, 3DS Max, ZBrush

DAZ3D Content used: Victoria 4, Victoria 4 Bodysuit

DAZ Studio 4 In Action - War Priest by Sam Kennedy

"I work as an illustrator. My style is highly polished and very realistic which I developed while working as a video game marketing artist. Working at a video game production house, I always had a full team of 3D artists at my back. I would use their in-game 3D characters to develop the marketing art for the various video games on which I worked. Whenever I had an illustration to do I'd sketch a few thumbnails on paper, then grab the in-game assets and start to pose them in 3DS Max. This was a super-fast way to work. I also liked this virtual process because I could come up with creative lighting situations and manipulate the characters into impossible action poses."

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Creating Superheroes using DAZ Studio

Artist: Doug Shuler (dark jedi)

Tools Used: DAZ Studio, Photoshop

DAZ3D Content used: Victoria, Michael, Millennium Sub-Dragon

DAZ Studio 4 In Action - Blayde by Doug Shuler

Douglas Shuler has been a freelance artist for 25 years. Originally trained in classic art techniques such as pencils and oil paints, he was first exposed to computer art in the mid '90's. Over the next 15 years, what began as occasional dabbling and rare Photoshop fixes has become a full-time obsession with 3D art, rendering, compositing, photo- retouching, and digital over-paints. Embracing computer art, Doug has all but abandoned traditional methods and now makes extensive use of DAZ 3D figures for most of his creations.

"Whenever I start a new project, I begin with a stack of rough sketches. Although I can usually 'see' the image in my mind, I want to nail down the composition as tightly as possible so I can best evaluate what steps, models, and processes I might need."

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Comics, Illustrations and Cover Art using DAZ Studio

Artist: John Van Fleet

Tools Used: DAZ Studio, Strata, Photoshop

DAZ3D Content used: Victoria, Michael, Morphs++

DAZ Studio 4 In Action - Wonder Woman by John Van Fleet

Who uses DAZ 3D products in their process? John Van Fleet is a world renowned illustrator and artist, who has one of the most impressive lists of clients that I've ever seen. Not only does John have a very unique style, but his vast portfolio is so incredibly creative. All you have to do is visit his web site to see how clever and creative he really is.

"I don't ever remember having so much fun figuring out how to navigate a web site. But I continue finding myself going back to see if there was something I left undiscovered."

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