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Carrara 8

Faster, Stronger, Better

Carrara 8 is faster, more dynamic, and even more full of life than ever before. Guided cooperatively by both professional users and dedicated engineers, this latest version of Carrara demonstrates the power of group-sourcing and building upon a solid foundation to accomplish truly impressive results.

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What's New in Carrara

64-bit for Mac and
Windows OS

Work faster and smarter as you take full advantage of your computers 64-bit hardware.

Multi-threading for
Mac and Windows OS

Spread the load on your CPU intensive ctalculations.

Bullet Physics Library

Create and edit rigid and soft-bodies for realistic and exciting animations.

Improved FBX and COLLADA Data Exchange

Take rigged and animated models straight into your favorite game engines, like Unityô, and see how rich your experience can be with your own, or any of DAZ 3D's existing content options.

Plant & Vegetation Improvements

Add custom models and textures for unique leaves, flowers, fruit and more. You can also use a variety of different leaf objects per plant for natural variation.

Render Time Optimizations

Get more than 200%* improvement in performance when rendering complex scenes using your high-end MAC or Windows system.

Network Render Optimizations

Enjoy greater control over your render farm as you easily add and remove nodes via your master machine. Render frames or buckets as you choose for greater safeguarding against lost render data.

Negative Lights and Photometrics

Now you can work with negative lights and photometrics (IES) for even greater control over your lighting.

God Rays and Barn Doors

Harness the creative force of god rays and the control of barn doors as you design superior lighting for your scenes.

Normal Maps

View normal maps both in real-time display and at rendertime.

Editing of Posed Meshes

Now you can do important clean-up and detail work on your conforming objects while the model is posed or conformed so you can see the results as you work.

Puppeteer for Carrara

You asked for it, and you got it. Introducing Puppeteer for Carrara. This tool contains everything as seen in DAZ Studio and has been fully integrated for use with any Carrara animation project.

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