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The Next Dimension in 3D Art

Create professional 3D content and meet your deadlines
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Do it all faster, better, and at less expense than anyone else with this complete 3D authoring suite.


Carrara 8 Logo

3D Authoring Suite

Carrara is a complete 3D authoring suite that provides advanced tools to help you get your work done faster and better than your competition. Whether you prefer to work with people and places, skies and clouds, oceans and landscapes, lights and shaders, particles and physics, polygons or splines, Carrara will open up grand new vistas as you bring your imagination to life.

Recognized by professional 3D artists as a robust and versatile 3D toolset, Carrara lets you do it all. With improved import and export options, Carrara 8 fits well into most any pipeline and can do just about anything. Probably the best-kept secret in complete 3D modeling, animation, and rendering suites, Carrara can be yours for a fraction of what the mainstream applications charge.

With Carrara 8 you can...
  • Create custom 3D characters and avatars
  • Create 3D models from scratch
  • Make your own high-quality CG movies
  • Combine live footage with CG elements
  • Design 3D text and logos
  • Design detailed landscapes and environments
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Carrara in Action

Now you can enjoy figure posing, modeling, landscape design, rigid and soft-body dynamics, animation and rendering all within a single application at an affordable price. Add a whole new dimension to your 3D art and animation with Carrara.


"The friendly and approachable interface will help you get started quickly, and the rich feature set will keep you satisfied throughout your projects. In my opinion, Carrara provides an unparalleled blend of power, quality and ease of use. If you are looking for a serious but accessible 3D graphics program that won't break the bank, look no further!"

Huw Collingbourne

Bitwise Magazine

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