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    • $11.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Required Products:
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  • Details

    RexPLUS adds body part scaling, additional shape morphs, animation morphs, additional props, and even a texture enhancement overlay for Digital I's Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    What's Included and Features

    • Enhanced rigging plus:
      • Body:
        • Pose Assists
        • Body Bend
        • Body Twist
        • Body Side-Side
        • Head Bend
        • Head twist
        • Head Side-Side
        • Full Breathe - (Full breathe is ERC controlled, and features nostril morphing, jaw tilt, chest tilt, and inhale chest morph all at one time!)
        • Baby - (Dialable for juvenile Rex as well)
        • Hammond - (A morph for a more 'Jurassic Park' type T-Rex)
        • Smooth Neck Veins
        • Smooth Hind Veins
        • Bighead
        • Big Shoulders
        • BigArms
        • Bighands
        • Long Claws
        • BigThighs
        • BigLegs
        • Big Feet
        • ThinNeck
        • Emaciated
        • ThinShins (calves)
        • Full Belly
        • Swallow 1,2,3 (These are designed for a swallow type animation, but can also be used for body styling as well.)
        • ToenailLength
        • DorsalFins
        • FatTail
        • SM-Heavy (For future use)
      • Head:
        • Cadavasaurus: Used in conjunction with the cadavasaurus image overlay, you can get a great fantasy undead T-Rex appearance
        • BigEyes (new blink and wince morphs are also included to work with the oversized eyes, and can be used in lieu of the original counterparts)
        • Widehead
        • TaperMouth
        • BigSmile
        • DevileHorns
        • DevilHornsBig
        • Brows Up-Down
        • Widehead
        • HornNose
        • HornNose2
        • ArmorSnout
        • BrowsSmooth
        • BrowsHeavy
        • BrowsPointed
        • CheekbonesIn-Out
        • NosePoint
        • Blink Upper
        • Blink Upper Left
        • Blink Upper Right
        • WideEyed
        • Wince2
        • Wince2 Left
        • Wince2 Right
        • Angry
        • Angry2
        • NoseDodo
        • WideNostrils
        • BigNostrils
        • SquareNose
        • Ext-Teeth
        • ToothLength (can be negative dialed for a toothless appearance)
        • Fang1,2,3
        • SideTeethWidth
      • Jaw:
        • Raise-LWRTongueBack (can be used in conjunction with swallow morphs for animation purposes)
        • SmoothTongue
        • PointyTounge
        • JawDeep
      • Hip:
        • Z-ScaleTail
    • ADDITIONAL PROPs included are:
      • Conforming Dorsal Fins CR2 and OBJ file
      • 4 EasyPose Horns (CR2 and OBJ), which can easily be positioned and partened to any body part for ultimate flexibility
      • Color and bump maps for both horns and dorsal fins (1024x1024)
      • Cadavasaurus texture overlay for all T-Rex textures, with instructions included on use (3072x3072)


    There is a full product installer plus an additional installer with DAZ|Studio optimized MAT files.

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