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PMorphTools for 3dsmax

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This product now works with 3D Studio Max 4, 5, and 6!

PMorphTools is the quick and easy way to create full-body and group morphs for Poser cr2 files (characters, clothes, etc). PMorphTools allows you to load a cr2 directly into 3dsmax, create new morphs, edit existing morphs and save them directly to a cr2 file! No more importing and exporting .obj files to create morphs. PMorphTools also automatically handles scale conversion between Poser and 3dsmax scale. Furthermore, if you need to export obj files for distribution, PMorphTools can export each morph as a 'squished' obj file which can be added as a morph manually in Poser (exports one obj file for each group affected by the full-body morph). PMorphTools can also export morph injection files for figures that support it (ex. Victoria 3). Additionally PMorphTools will allow you to mirror a morph for one side of a character to the other side.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software N/A
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Load a cr2 into 3dsmax for morph editing
  • Quickly create morphs across groups using 3dsmax's soft-selection (similar to magnets but with much more control)
  • Save new morphs as full-body morphs directly to a cr2 file.
  • Save new morphs as regular group morphs directly to a cr2 file.
  • Export morph injection files (creates all necessary files).
  • Export a full-body morph as a series of 'squished' obj files for distribution
  • Export regular group morphs as a series of 'squished' obj files for distribution
  • Selectively load and edit existing morphs.
  • Mirror morphs from one side of a character to the other side.
  • Support for non-destructive max modifiers like FFDs, Push, Stretch, Taper, etc.
  • Automatic handling of scale conversion between Poser and 3dsmax scale (user can define scale).
  • Display smooth mesh or faceted mesh for faster viewport speed
  • Single click to switch between morphs.
  • Use 3dsmax's feature's to hide faces in areas that you aren't working on.
  • Video tutorials to get you started quickly.
For technical support, contact MarkDC @ http://www.cgauction.com/support.php

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