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Pose and Shading Tools 2

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Here is a set of new Carrara features that are sure to be a hit! Included are two new commands, a new tweener, and three shaders to spice up your artwork.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Carrara
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features

Pose Transfer Command The main feature, this command will copy rotation, scaling, and transform between different characters. The copy is by joint name, so you can cross between Gen3, Gen4, Smith Micro, and even custom figures if they're named the same way. Copies morph settings between instances of the same character, too! Copies ANIMATION in both standard keyframe mode (faster) and "bake" mode which will capture Physics, ERC, motion path, and IK related movements. Additionally, it includes the ability to invert the value - great for mirroring movements. THERE IS NO UNDO!

Stack Tweener Ever wish you could oscillate along the bezier spline? This will let you! Stack up to six different sub-tweeners with configurable percentage weight for blending. Need more than six? Just stack in another stack!

Clear Timeline Command I gave you a "deep" delete with ERC, now here's its brother: Select a keyframe or tweener, and this command will clear out the entire timeline that it is sitting on. THERE IS NO UNDO!

TowardAway Shader Ever wanted to shade the two sides of a polygon different colors? With this simple shader, you can. White when the normal is pointing toward the camera, black when it is pointing away - this is great for simulating linings in clothing (which is nearly always one-sided).

Color Balance Shader Is that texture map just a tad on the green side? Colors too vibrant? Have a great prodecural stack that's just a bit too dim? This simple shader lets you adjust R, G, B, H, S, V values of the color result of a sub-shader.

Color Separation Shader So suppose you want just one channel out of the available color? This separation has two modes: pure, which will extract the red, green, or blue channels. And greyscale, which will give a greyscale representation of Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Hue, Luminosity, and Saturation. Optionally adjust the brightness of the extracted layer, and even invert the value.

Color Merge Shader The opposite of Color Separation, this shader allows you to build a new color based on the input of four sub shaders - one for each channel (RGBA or HLSA)

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