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Platinum Club Quarterly Membership

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Availability: In stock

sku: PC-Quarterly


Get the Best Value in 3D with Platinum Savings Club privileges.
Reasons to join the Platinum Club
  • 30% off ALL 3D DAZ owned products, ALL THE TIME
  • $6 coupon code per month ($72 annually, select limitations)
  • Thousands of $1.99 3D studio products
  • Monthly Freebies
  • Member's Only forums
  • Exclusive Promotions

* Coupons not valid on $1.99 Platinum Club products nor on the Value Category items. This quarterly membership is available for $24 for three months.Coupon codes cannot be used on this product. In order to change the payment method for the Membership, please see your Platinum Club section on your account page.
PLEASE NOTE: Your Membership will then be renewed automatically once the Membership has expired, at the renewal fee of $24 per Quarter. If you do not wish to renew you will need to cancel your Membership beforehand. Be sure if you are paying via PayPal, you cancel your PayPal Subscription as well.

Additional Information

Platinum Club Quarterly Membership is a simple $24 for 3 months. After that you will be billed every 3 months for $24 to stay in the club, or you can change to monthly ($7.95) or yearly ($70) billing at any time and on your next billing cycle as your membership gets close to its expiration. You can at any time cancel your membership, at which point it will stay active until the expiration date (You paid for the time, you get it), or you can turn off auto-renew in case you want to manually manage your subscription payments if you prefer to use things like gift cards or store credit. With no sign up fee, if for any reason you drop out of Platinum Club, rejoining is as easy as buying another membership.

The monthly coupons can not be used to purchase the Platinum Club Membership. The Platinum Club Quarterly Membership can be purchased with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Daz Gift Cards, or Daz Store Credit.

Coupons will be available at the beginning of each month and will be valid for the duration of that month only. The Coupon codes are publicized in the Platinum club newsletter AND the Members-Only forum. Coupons are valid for DAZ Original, non-Platinum Club, non-resell items. Coupons may not be used to purchase third-party Published products (often called "brokered" products).
30% Discount only good on DAZ original Items. Not good on resell items, brokered products, or Platinum Club items.

You will not receive a download after purchasing a Platinum Club membership. The membership will just change your account permissions so that you start receiving the Platinum Club savings as well as full-access to all Members Only areas.

PLEASE NOTE: The renewal will happen within 5 days of the listed renewal date, in case the card does not go through the first time. Please plan accordingly. 30 day guarantees do not apply to subscription items.
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software No
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
Platinum Club Benefits:
  • 30% off ALL DAZ 3D owned products, ALL THE TIME
  • $6 coupon code per month ($72 annually)
  • Thousands of $1.99 products
  • Monthly Freebies
  • Member’s Only forums
  • Exclusive Promotions
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