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Undergarments for David

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Availability: In stock


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  • Badge Daz Original
  • Badge Platinum Club
sku: 2334



Hey David likes to be casual too, so here is a set of undies just for David.

In Depth Review

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Tank Top(.cr2 and .obj)
  • Boxer Shorts(.cr2 and .obj)
  • Briefs(.cr2 and .obj)
  • Socks(.cr2 and .obj)
  • David Morphs
    • Muscular Full body morph (all)
    • Muscular 2 Full body morph (all)
    • SuperHero Full body morph (all)
    • Heavy Full body Morph (all)
    • Barbarian Full body morph (all)
    • Stocky Full body Morph (all)
    • Skinny Full body Morph (all)
    • Tone Full bodyMorph (all)
    • Definition Full body morph (all)
    • Young Full body Morph (all)
    • Older Full body morph (all)
    • Faerie Full body morph (all)
    • Bulk Full body morph (all)
    • PearFigured Full body morph (all)
    • Portly Full body morph (all)
    • Round Full body morph (all)
    • Emaciated Full body Morph (all)
    • Bottom Wider Morph (Shirt)
    • Collar adjust Morphs (Shirt)
    • Loose Shirt Full body Morph (Shirt)
    • Bulge Morph (Boxers and Briefs)
    • Loose Socks (Socks)
    • Ribbed Socks (Socks)

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