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Phoenix Rising

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sku: 1604


"Guardian of Light and Bane of Darkness, in the rising temple of gold and stone she makes her home. High Priestess and Avatar for the Cult of the Phoenix, she leads her brothers and sisters in an everlasting crusade to destroy and scatter the forces of evil. As long as there is Sun, as long as there is Fire, her power is eternal."

The Phoenix Rising for V3 by Darkworld Designs comes with six conformers packed with morphs, 21 MATs & Poses, and the Phoenix Staff prop. Mixing fantasy and the arcane, the power of the Phoenix cannot be denied.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 6 Conforming Figures :
  • Phoenix Chest: Silken top with golden clasps, 5 morphs for chest shape.
  • Phoenix Legs: Of silk and gold, with golden slippers, 4 morphs for loincloths and garters.
  • Phoenix Sun Headdress: With ivory frond and silken drap, 6 morphs for frond and drape.
  • Phoenix Fire Headdress: High Priestess headdress with gilded feathers, silken cap and tail. 6 morphs.
  • PhoeniX Feathers: Intricately detailed feathery wings conformable to any millennium figure! With 22 morphs.
    The feathers feature a feathered crown, wings, shoulders, and tail.
  • Phoenix Wrap: Truly the mark of the Avatar's station, the golden silk Phoenix Wrap features 24 morphs and conforms perfectly, allowing for an amazing variety of looks and poses. Each of the four drapes and bracers can be morphed independently to accomodate any posing of the arms and body.
  • 1 Smartprop :
  • Phoenix Staff: The Arcane totem of the Phoenix's power.
  • 9 MAT Poses :
  • Blond, Autumn, Brown, Red, and Gilded Silver MATs for the Conforming Phoenix Feathers.
  • MATs for turning on or off the Fire Headdress tail.
  • MATs for turning on or off the Sun Headdress frond.
  • 12 MOR Poses for the Conforming Phoenix Wrap :
  • Quickly pose the wrap to accomodate V3 with her arms at her sides, raised high above, or any other combination!
  • 15 Textures :
  • 1 Reflection Map
  • 1 Transparency Map
  • 7 OBJ Files
    * The Phoenix Wrap is the most dynamic piece included in this set. The morphs allow each piece of the drape to be manipulated separately. Posing V3's arms will also move the drapes allowing the shapes that can be achieved to vary to an unbelievable degree. The MOR poses can be used to ease the posing of the Wrap in positions where the drapes seem to be getting in the way or obscuring parts of the figure that need to be shown. Mixing Wrap poses with V3 poses creates infinite variety!
Resource Files

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