Ingenue Vickie Set for Victoria 3

Ingenue Vickie Set for Victoria 3

  • $24.95
    • $24.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Victoria 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Required Products:
    Install Types:
    Compatible Figures:
    Victoria 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Required Products:
    Install Types:
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    Ingenue 1: a naive girl or young woman 2: an actress playing such a role.
    Ingenue Vickie says she isn't all that naive, she just looks that way!

    She is an exquisitely detailed, petite, leggy lady, only 5 ' 2' tall with her shoes off. Even wearing high-heels, she finds most all other characters tower over her. She also fends off all talk about being too thin, saying the other characters are just jealous! She takes all Victoria 3 textures and morph sets, and come with numerous custom morphs to modify her shape. Ingenue Vickie is not a character made by morphing and scaling, she is a stand-alone figure for better operation and clothing fit. She now includes a full set of bodybuilder muscle morphs, too!

    Ingenue Vickie is now in improved version 3A & 3B, with included items updated to match.

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    What's Included and Features


    • Her own dedicated CR2 and unimesh OBJ file featuring:
      • Neck turn operation of Sterno-mastoid (throat) muscles
      • Knee-bend bulge added
      • Split operation of breast-rise
      • Improved (in new version 3) Thigh-bending
      • Special "tip-toe" feet default to the correct bend for 5" heels, adjust for flats
    • 14 Full-Body Morphs including:
      • Breast Size AA, A, C, D (default is B), and Push-up
      • Butt (Glute Size) and Slender-Hips
      • Ilium Crest and Rib-Bump (adjust body detailing)
      • Flatfoot and Tight Shoes
    • 26 Muscle or Bodybuilder Full-Body Morphs including:
      • Torso - L & R Lumbar, Traps, 2 versions of Rectus Abdominis, etc
      • Leg - L & R Vastus, Tensor, etc
      • Arm - L & R Bicep, Tricep, Deltoid, etc.
      • Plus Massive Arms L & R
    • Unforgetable Bikini Set can be used as swim wear or lingerie, it includes:
      • Side-tie Bottom with moderate rear coverage
      • Side-tie Thong Bottom for maximum tanning
      • Triangle Bikini Top, morphs for modest or scandalous coverage
      • Choker
    • Strappy Ankle-Strap Sandals featuring:
      • High Heel and Spike Heel morphs
      • Special "loose" morphs
    • Full set of MAT files for E-Z fitting of included materials including:
      • Black and Red Vinyl
      • Rainbow Crochet lined and unlined
      • Black unlined Crochet and White lined Crochet
      • Red, Black and White Satin
      • Red, Black, Gold and Silver for the Sandals
    • Feet have "high-heel" stance as the default
      • Adjust for flats as required
      • Two included morphs correct feet for flats or barefoot
      • New Version 3B is Full-Flatfoot (only).
    • Special included "JCM Figure Assignment" Poses allow for proper operation of clothing and multiple figures, even in Poser 5
    • Clothing has seam and edge detailing in mesh, not in texture maps
    • Ingenue Vicki Body Matching Fitting Morphs in Clothing
    • Clothing has morphs and JCM to match those in the Figure
    • 15 Beautiful Custom Figure Poses
    • Hair Fitting Pose for Las-Vegas, San-Francisco and similar conforming hair
    • Ingenue Vickie Face Pose (this item only requires DAZ V3 Head Morph Pak)



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