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Dulce for V4.1

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  • Badge Daz Original
sku: 5446



Dulce is a sweet, saucy Caribbean beauty for V4.1. Her dark golden skin tones are also perfect for Creole, Latin, Asian and fantasy characters. Her unique skin and eye textures were created from scratch from high quality photos and are enhanced with advanced skin shaders. This package includes MAT pose options for a head texture with painted eyebrows, as well as a MAT pose for a non-painted eyebrow texture plus transmap utilizing the V4.1 eyebrow geometry, so you are not limited to one color eyebrow. Dulce has five beautiful makeup textures, six realistic eye colors and five nail colors. A DAZ|Studio installer with studio specific MATs are included for users of D/S.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Default head texture (3000X3000)
  • Default body texture (3048X3048)
  • Default limbs texture (3048X3048)
  • No-eyebrow texture (3000X3000)
  • 5 Makeup head textures, (3000X3000)
  • Bump map head texture (3000X3000)
  • Bump map body texture (3048X3048)
  • Bump map limbs texture (3048X3048)
  • Bump map no-eyebrow texture (3000X3000)
  • Specularity map head texture (3000X3000)
  • Specularity map body texture (3048X3048)
  • Specularity map limbs texture (3048X3048)
  • 6 Nail texture maps
  • 6 Eye texture maps
  • Eye reflection map
  • Tear reflection map
  • Eyelash transparency map
  • Eye transparency map
  • Eyebrow transparency (3000X3000)
  • Eyebrow texture map (3000X3000)
  • Mouth, teeth and gum texture
  • MAT pose to apply default head, body and limb textures
  • MAT pose to apply eyebrow geometry textures
  • 5 MAT poses to apply makeup textures
  • 6 MAT poses to apply eye textures
  • 5 MAT poses to apply nail textures
  • MOR INJ pose to apply Dulce head morph
  • MOR REM pose to reset the default V4.1 head morph
  • MOR INJ pose to apply both Dulce head and body morphs
  • MOR INJ pose to reset the default V4.1 head and body morphs

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