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Freak 3 Skeleton

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sku: 4643



The Freak 3 Skeleton is perfect for all of your larger-than-average skeletal needs, from rendering medical illustrations to depicting the remains of giants. With the same ease of use as the V3 & M3 Skeletons, you'll find posing the skeleton a breeze. Since it also uses the same UV maps all of the available textures for the V3 & M3 Skeleton can be used with the FREAK version.

Additional Information
Notes Please consult the ReadMe for detailed instructions on using the Skeleton.
Compatible 3D Figures The Freak 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Stand-alone FREAK Skeleton (CR2 & OBJ)
  • Conforming FREAK Skeleton (CR2 & OBJ)
  • Fully articulated with nearly every bone rigged independently, for ultimate control of bone movement, and at the same time connected to poser-type body groups via erc
  • Contains easily hide-able 'Helper' group geometry making posing this skeleton as easy as posing the FREAK.
  • This skeleton is rigged to conform accurately to the FREAK.
  • Head contains ERC channels that control jaw movement, each matched to phoneme and expression morphs found in the FREAK. This makes the skeleton Mimic compatible when used as a stand-alone figure, or while conformed to V3 or M3.
  • Compatible with all material poses included in the V3/M3 Skeleton pack
  • Using the same mesh structure as the V3/M3 Skeletons make this skeleton compatible with any morph targets designed for the skeletons

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