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Axel International M4

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sku: 12514



Axel International: One man - multiple looks for your runtime.

Axel, at its base, brings a handsome man, with a disarming smile to all your renders.

Axel features six custom morphs, representing facial features of men from different parts of the world. You can use them individually, or mix a percentage of each to make your own custom morphs. So really the fun is starting off with the base and seeing what you can come up with.

Axel International uses ExP technology and can be used with other products such as Morphs++ and Creature Creator morphs.

Using each morph, or portions of them can make Axel into anything you desire: the dashing hero, the regular guy off the street, the little guy that doesn't want to come in second, or brash person everyone loves to hate.

Axel International comes with hi-resolution, realistic texture that comes with a hair or bald option. Also included is several facial hair options, such as stubble or mustache.

Additional Information
  • DAZ Studio Users: There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for these Presets. DAZ Studio will automatically apply the DAZ Studio version of the Material Presets, giving you the correct DAZ Studio look to your Axel International M4.
Compatible 3D Figures Michael 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Axel International
    • 1 Head INJ/REM
    • 7 Body INJ/REM
    • 1 ExP INJ/REM
    • 7 Face Options
      • Axel
      • Denny
      • Francois
      • Kurt
      • Mitchell
      • Sasha
      • Clear All Faces
    • In depth tutorial on installing and use of the custom morphs
  • 2 Body Material Options
    • Without Hair
    • With Hair
  • 5 Moustache and Beard Options
    • Each, With Hair
    • Each, Without Hair
  • 1 Arm Tattoo Option
  • 9 Eye Reflection Options Including
    • No Reflect
    • Reflect Artificial
    • Eyes Reflect
    • 6 Reflection Map Options
  • 6 Eye Color Options in Reflect and No Reflect
    • Eyes Black
    • Eyes Blue
    • Eyes Brown
    • Eyes Golden
    • Eyes Green
    • Eyes Hazel
  • Textures:
    • 14 Axel Eyes Texture Maps (3000 x 3000)
    • 7 Axel Eyes Reflection Maps (300 x 200)
    • 12 Axel Face Texture, Bump, Displacement, Specular, Sub Surface Scattering Maps (4000 x 4000)
    • 1 Axel Gens Texture, Bump, Displacement, Specular, Sub Surface Scattering Map (4000 x 4000)
    • 2 Axel Limbs Texture, Bump, Displacement, Specular, Sub Surface Scattering Maps (4000 x 4000)
    • 1 Axel Teeth Texture, Bump, Specular Map (3000 x 3000)
    • 2 Axel Torso Texture, Bump, Displacement, Specular, Sub Surface Scattering Maps (4000 x 4000)
    • 1 Axel Eye Lashes Transparency Map (2000 x 2000)
  • P5+ Material Poses (.PZ2)
  • DAZ Studio 3.0+ Material Presets (.DSA)
  • Material Poses to Apply All Presets

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