PD Pro 3.5

PD Pro 3.5

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    PD Pro Digital Painter(tm) v3.5, powered by Project Dogwaffle(tm), is an affordable paint software for the PC with built-in, user-defined, animated & fractal particle brushes. A companion to your 2D+3D web authoring or animation tools, or as your first step into virtual art and matte painting with mouse or tablet, it is here for you to paint, sketch, animate and paint... almost like on the real thing, but without the mess or occasional spill!

    Draw Anime, enjoy nature painting, edit photos & digital images, add special FX to CG animations to your home movies, do professional post work, and create fantasy art. For developers and VB programmers there's also a free SDK to extend Dogwaffle with more filters and plugins. Use it also to paint your UV maps for 3D models. PD Pro 3.5 now also includes support for Lua scripting to make new filters or modify others, as well as image-based forcefields that affect the particle brushes.

    This product available for PC Only

    What's Included and Features

    New to Version 3:
    • The filmstrip:
      • New filmstrip mode on the animation control panel. Context menu pops up with additional options.
      • Set in/out points for copying blocks of frames.
      • Time stretch, reverse, de-interlace (extract fields to frames)/re-interlace right on the filmstrip.
      • cut/copy/paste/insert/replace/copy block/cut block/insert block for animation.
    • New gradient tools:
      • The circular fill gradient has a new behavior. It lets you center the hotspot.
      • There are several new fill modes. warp vert, warp both, etc.
      • There are fill modes for the gradient tools under the linear tool.
      • There's a new Lightning linear tool!
    • New filters:
      • New photographic filters. These are the kinds of filters you'd put on the front of a camera's lens.
      • New Auto adjust filter. Lets you adjust contrast and white balance.
      • Reverse fields.
      • Transform.
      • The timeline.
      • New photographic filters and reverse fields.
      • Transform now works in world coordinates.
      • Speed improvements.
    • New menu layout:
      • Everything at your finger tips. Just browse around.
      • Buffer sizer is integrated. It supports layers and animation as well.Bug fix on the resize panel.
      • Real-time feedback on the seamless panel.
      • New panel for custom brush drop shadows.
    • Scan multiple frames (into an animation or separate frames)
    • Bug fixed to the animation system. Clicking on the stop button when an animation wasn't playing might have corrupted a frame.
    • Lots of features re-implemented. Check out the display settings panel for example.
    • Much faster particles!
    • Improved bristle brush tool on the optipus panel.
    • Store buffer has new combines modes and alpha support and faster refresh. The store alpha feature also has faster refresh.
    • Copy/paste/replace buffers.
    • Transform alpha. Numeric alpha.
    • Reimplemented layered format (no backwards compatibility at this point)
    • You can drag/drop files onto the buffer now, not just the background form.
    • Path to Clipboard and explore features on the image browser.
    • Key grow and shrink now support animated brushes. They have menu items now.
    • New starfield filter.(sweet!)
    • Lots of new plugin interface features.
    • The PaletteToWells feature has a cancel button now.
    • Tablet support for the bristle brush, including tilt.
    • The stroke recorder now supports all tablet information.
    • There's a new wave displacement filter.
    • Wave displacement on the timline can be animated.
    • The sky renderer has been tweaked.
    • Correct file extensions are now enforced.
    • A bug has been fixed that caused file extensions to cause warning if there was a "." in the filename.
    • Loading a brush set now uses the default directory browser.
    • The directory browser is exposed to the plugin interface. Resizing the buffer is exposed to the plugin interface, as is plasma, novas, and lens flares.
    • There's a new plugin feature to initialize a Lut (lookup table) for mixing buffers with modes like add/sub/mult/div etc. They're the same modes used by penny.
    • Subtractative mode is renamed Subtractive. The layer priority was improperly reversed.
    • There are new menu items to select the current layers mode from the little icon on the top of the tool panel.
    • You can now set a value for the tracing paper mode.
    • There's now a 'utility' menu with items for things like the RYB mixer, etc.
    • There's a 'visible grid' option on the display settings panel.
    • Rulers no longer flicker.
    • Menu items for light table, and the 'draw on black' option that was previously only a keyboard shortcut. With it you can draw with white on a black background and still use the light table.
    • You can now select colors from the well with the tablets eraser. I don't think you could do that before.
    • Reimplemented but not really changed all that much:
      • Optipustics loading and saving
      • Media manager preview. Might be faster?
      • Internal to custom brush conversion.
      • Layer merging.
      • Grids/snapping
    • And a spline mouse smoothing option on the prefs panel.
    • Improved: Pasting a brush from the clipboard is now much faster.
    • Brushstroke filter using aa line mode was broken - fixed.
    • Added menu items for brush fx and patterns.
    • Categorized option tab for keyboard help page.
    • New hue, sat, value, greater than and less than layer modes.
    • Added Grime medias from recent free grime set.
    • Upsampling an animation caused a crash.
    • New histogram panel.
    • fixed a bug that surfaced after using the buffer size plugin. Text would be clipped to the old size.
    • Added alt c and alt v keyboard shortcuts for copying/pasting brushes to and from the clipboard.
    • Added CTRL D to 'deselect' the alpha channel.
    • Minor improvements to the Adjust value filter. It was always possible to scale the size of the histrogram, but the screen refresh made it seem unresponsive, so it has been made more interactive. Also slightly faster.
    • Make Looping Animated Textures! Loop an animation by blending its end to the beginning with the new loopable frames menu option.
    • Fixed a very small bug that caused the statusbar to count backwards when re-interlacing frames.
    • Drawing with a custom brush now uses a simpler refresh method -- icons and titles bars are not refreshed while drawing, resulting in slightly faster refreshes.
    • File extentions are now enforced when saving brushes as well as buffers.
    • Fixed bug where brushes saved in png format would actually be saved as PSD format.
    • An image sequence can now be saved directly from an animated brush.
    • Updated Load sequence panel is easier to use.
    • Updated browser now caches thumbnails for speed.
    • The Timeline now sports several new compositing modes that let you select an image sequence to comp over.
    • You can now reverse fields on all frames from the frames animation submenu.
    • Batch processing. Available from the File menu, it offers numerous filters to be applied to selected image files and saved to one of many formats.
    • A non-photo blue removal tool - particularly useful for traditional animations where the rough drawings were done in non-photo blue, and cleaned up in lead.
    • An edge cleanup tool for animations that are scanned from pencil drawings. Aimed at animations that were scanned in grayscale, or have already had the blue removed, and still need some faint rouph drawing lines removed.
    • A convolution kernel filter >>> See: What is a convolution Filter in the PD Help docs. Convolving is used for enhancing such as edge enhancing, embossing, sharpening....
    • 32-bit support for the bmp loader in the timeline, which previously lacked it.
    • A new Sharpening filter with detail- and color-count reduction effect: maXsharpen
    • An additional menu item in the Artistic Filters submenu will show up if the 3rd party plugin 'Gertrudis' is installed.
    • Saving an image sequence (animation or animated brush) now checks if a base filename already contains a numeric component, and offers to maintain or replace it. In the past it just replaced it.
    • A bit is now set in targa files saved indicating what type of data in the alpha channel.
    • Added a halftone filter. Read FAQ info too for more on dithering and halftoning
    • There's a new gain control for optipustics to control the brightness of particles.
    • Using Caps lock now switches to secondary color (erase).
    • Added capslock warning to title bar string.
    • Windows snapping makes it easier to lay out panels.
    • Added mouse wheel support for zooming
    • An option to use the middle mouse button to scroll instead of zooming (see Prefs)
    • Files that are associated will now open the program properly.
    • LYR (layered) files are associated when program is first run.
    • Home key to center the image
    • There are some keyboard changes. CTRL c and v now copy and paste a brush. Alt c and v now copy and paste the buffer. Ctrl B now picks up the buffer as a custom brush.
    • You can now load a lyr file when using 'files of types' of all types, as well as layered object type only.
    • RYB mixer acts like a regular panel now. Saves its settings.
    • Implemented some menus for "Clear selected" and added a clear under the animation menu.
    • A menu item is created if Martin Writes multi print plugin is installed
    • The twist filter is re-implemented and realtimed and has gained new controls.
    • Other tools are being real-timed. expect more.
    • The Mosaic and Quilt plugins are integrated and realtimed.
    • The Halftone filter is realtimed, and integrated.
    • Color and value noise are faster with alpha.
    • Many features may experience speedups, including plasma noise, dreadhul, bumpytoy, etc.
    • Added 'Old Film look' filter in the timeline editor.
    • Added a couple of new papers textures
    • Media manager is internalized and acts like a regular panel
    • You can also save animated brushes in the media manager (!)
    • Double/half on the buffer resize panel.
    • Updated tooltips.
    • Made panels more uniform and consistent.
    • added 'Home' key shortcut to center the image at current scale
    • Removed close button on panels, as it was something of a throwback. Now in favor of control box close buttons.
    • Made some brush speed optimizations. In some cases the difference in performance is significant, for internal brushes, with and without alpha, paper texture, and bump, but not including paint modes other than default. Try optipustics with Brush style and use for example a medium size airbrush. What a difference in speed!
    • Scrolling and zooming should be significantly sped up on large images. particularly when zooming.
    • and a few bug fixes...


    Sorry, this product is NOT available for the MAC OS

    To learn more about what's new in PD Pro, visit these links:

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    If you have previously purchased v2.0, be sure to get the free update patches to the latest v2.1b.

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