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Office Moves Volume 1

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sku: 9926



Enter the corporate boardroom with your Poser businessman by using the Posermocap Office Moves 1 Moves Pack. This collection of motion-captured animated poses have been optimized for Michael 4 and Victoria 4.2 and allows you to animate them with a single click. Within seconds, you’ll be running the office in your animated or special-effects project.

This moves pack includes:
* Boss Conversation: The character has a pleasant development conversation with an employee.
* Get Out Of My Office!: Picking out two others, the character motions them towards the door and turns his back on them.
* Presentation Talk: Your poser character steps forward, introduces himself, and begins a brief presentation in front of a whiteboard or similar display. (Whiteboard or similar display not included.)
* Raising Question: The seated character raises his hand fully to ask a question at a meeting.
* Raising Question Lazy: The seated character raises his hand lazily to ask a question at a meeting.
* Spin In Chair: The seated character spins around in a chair to greet the visitor in his office. The move for female characters includes crossing the legs at the end of the spin.
* You’re Fired!: The character throws the chair back while getting up, slams one hand on the desk, and then swings his other hand out signaling the termination. The move for female characters includes placing hands on the hips at the end.

Each Move in the Move Pack is an Animated Pose (PZ2) file that works natively in Poser and DAZ Studio. Also included are BVH files for the moves, allowing the moves to be used in any application that reads and imports BVH motion capture files.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4, Michael 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Animated Poses (.PZ2)
    • Boss Conversation Standing 1
    • Boss Conversation Standing 2 (Mirrored)
    • Get Out Of My Office! 1
    • Get Out Of My Office! 2 (Mirrored)
    • Presentation Talk 1
    • Presentation Talk 2 (Mirrored)
    • Raising Question 1 Male
    • Raising Question 2 Male (Mirrored)
    • Raising Question 1 Female
    • Raising Question 2 Female (Mirrored)
    • Raising Question Lazy 1 Male
    • Raising Question Lazy 2 Male (Mirrored)
    • Raising Question Lazy 1 Female
    • Raising Question Lazy 2 Female (Mirrored)
    • Spin In Chair Management 1 Male
    • Spin In Chair Management 2 Male (Mirrored)
    • Spin In Chair Management 1 Female
    • Spin In Chair Management 2 Female (Mirrored)
    • You're Fired! 1 Male
    • You're Fired! 2 Male (Mirrored)
    • You're Fired! 1 Female
    • You're Fired! 2 Female (Mirrored)
  • Michael 4 and Victoria 4 Versions Included
  • BVH Files of Motions Included

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