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iClone Facial Pipeline Character Pack

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sku: 15987



iClone Facial Pipeline Character Pack is designed to let users easily learn how to import and animate 3D characters built using different facial rigs, including bone-based, morph-based, and hybrid facial rigs which combine both technologies.

A DAZ Genesis Extension (.DUF) is also included in this pack. With DAZ Genesis Extension, you can one-click automatic import DAZ characters into 3DXchange5, and edit facial and body animation in iClone5.

Bone Based Hunter- This jaded old hunter is designed using the new iClone G5 GameBone, a much more simplified character skeleton structure with 25 facial bones and 51 body bones, while maintaining complete body movement and facial articulation. This is a new generation of iClone character design optimized for 3D game engines like Unity or Unreal, and can also be used in your iClone video projects.

Morph Based Chimp- With a fully morph-based facial setup designed with a combination of Maya and Zbrush, this cute and naughty chimpanzee has the potential for exaggerated, organic, and cartoon-like facial movement and high lipsync animation quality.

Bone/Morph Hybrid Croc- Most professional animators use a combination of skin-bone animation to maintain the facial structure of a character while adding subtle details by using morphing techniques. We've combined both bone and morph facial setups in this croc to give him the potential for more detailed and subtle facial animation.

Two handy tools are also included in the pack, including a Lip-sync Test Script which you can use to benchmark mouth shape design, and a Dummy Bone which you can use to rig your models from zBrush or other modeling software (OBJs) into fully-functional iClone characters!

For developers interested in mastering the pipeline between 3DXchange facial mapping and iClone's facial animation tools, we've provided these useful documents and FBX source files for your reference.

For more details about iClone Facial Pipeline Character Pack, please check HERE.

For more details about DAZ Genesis Extension, please check HERE.

Additional Information
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software No
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Content:
    • 7 Characters
    • 4 Motions
    • 3 Accessories
  • Designer's Source Pack:
    • .DUF file (Pose Preset file from Daz Studio 4.5 Pro)
    • Daz Genesis Avatar Face Key Sequence.xls
    • iClone Game Bone Avatar.fbx
    • iClone GameBone Avatar Face Key Sequence.xls
    • GameBone Structure (4 image files)
    • Muscle Mapping & Puppeteering Relation.xls
    • Lipsync Test.iTalk
    • Auto-Convert (2 sets of conversion profiles)
    • FBX (6 fbx files included)
    • How to auto-convert included FBX characters.txt
    • FBX (6 fbx files included)
    • DummyBone.iProp
    • Zart_Source Files: Base.OBJ x 1 + Target Mesh. OBJ x 4 (Texture files included)

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