Hodoo Rockstarz for Vue

Hodoo Rockstarz for Vue

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    • $19.95
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  • Details

    This collection of high resolution models of rock and boulders, coupled with a huge number of high resolution materials, is essential for any one who wants the ultimate amount of realism in their Vue art.

    Consisting of four high poly, high detail models and over fifteen hyper real rock and stone materials (chosen from all of my best selling sets of rock and stone materials to give the highest possible quality, which has never before been offered as one bundle). The materials all come with both a displaced version for those times when you need as high a level of detail as you can get, and a non displaced version which is much faster to render. Both are perfect for distant objects and also models which themselves contain a high level of detail. Some materials also come with a third option called Architectural, these have little or no bump map and are perfect for statues and buildings where you want the models detail to remain totally crisp.

    What's Included and Features

    • 4 Vue Object Files: (.VOB)
      • A higly detailed rock formation perfect for rivers and water courses.
      • A cluster of high definition boulders
      • A section of rockface with high definition, craters and cracks, can be used at any angle.
      • A huge limp of cracked and worn stone.
    • Materials:
      • Grey Rock wet and Dry
      • Grey Rock wet and Dry_ND
      • Hodoo Feldspar -C _DPL
      • Hodoo Feldspar -D ARC
      • Hodoo Feldspar -D_DPL
      • Hodoo Feldspar -D_NDPL
      • Hodoo Feldspar _C_NDPL
      • Hodoo Lichen Rock - NDPL
      • Hodoo Lichen Rock_DPL
      • Hodoo Rock Alpha_DPL
      • Hodoo Rock Alpha_NDP
      • Hodoo Rock Beta DPL
      • Hodoo Rock Beta NDPL
      • Hodoo Rock Gamma- DPL
      • Hodoo RockGamma-_NDPL
      • Hodoo Special Rock DPL
      • Hodoo Special Rock NDPL
      • Hoodoo Chalky#6
      • Hoodoo Chalky#6_NDP
      • Hoodoo Lichen Stone Gold_DPL
      • Hoodoo Lichen Stone Gold_NDPL
      • Hoodoo Lichen Stone Grey DPL
      • Hoodoo Lichen Stone Grey NDPL
      • Hoodoo Mossy Rock
      • Hoodoo Mossy Rock_DPL
      • Hoodoo Mossy Stone_DPL
      • Hoodoo Mossy Stone_NPL
      • Hoodoo Sandringham_DPL
      • Hoodoo Sandringham_NDP
      • Hoodoo Sandstone Rock#6
      • Hoodoo Sandstone Rock#6ND
      • Hoodoo_aggregate-DPL
      • Hoodoo_aggregate-NDP


    • This product includes:
      • 1 VUE Core Installer

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